2024’s best deal on the PlayStation 5 just got better

2024’s best deal on the PlayStation 5 just got better

While we’re gearing up for more awesome Mario Day deals to drop on March 10, one of this weekend’s best deals is focused on a console that can’t play any Mario games: the PlayStation 5. There are notable discounts on both the digital and disc-based versions of the new slim Sony console that’s bundled with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. These can save you a total of $120 off the combined price of the console and the game, making this one of the best discounts on the PlayStation 5 console to date.

If you’re not looking to bring home Sony’s console, don’t worry. We’ve also found an excellent deal on the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, a sitewide sale at the Ubisoft Store, discounts on Mario-themed Lego sets, and more.

As we do every weekend, we’re providing you with our favorite deals from the worlds of gaming and entertainment, plus the scoop on the best-selling products that have made a recent appearance on Polygon.

The best gaming deals this week

In case you’ve been considering a PS5, you sure picked a good time to buy. Bundles featuring the slimmer, disc-based PlayStation 5 that include a code for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are selling for $449.99 at Amazon and Best Buy (was $559.99). This deal has been happening for the past week and change. However, you can now find the digital (as in, discless) version of the slim PlayStation 5 at Best Buy, GameStop, and Target for just $399.99. Buying the digital console without any game added in typically costs $449.99.

Both of these bundles save you about $110 on the combined price of both items. Even if Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 isn’t your jam, don’t worry. Sony’s console is home to many awesome console exclusives, like the recent hit Helldivers 2, and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Heading into the Mario Day weekend (March 10), Nintendo and other retailers are already offering some rare discounts on some popular games for the Nintendo Switch that feature the plumber. Typically, games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Mario Party Superstars sell for $59.99, but you can currently find them all at the Nintendo eShop and other retailers for $39.99 each.

You can also play some classic NES, SNES, and Game Boy titles by taking advantage of Nintendo’s extended free trial of Nintendo Switch Online through March 17, giving you the opportunity to sample the online service for 14 days.

An excellent deal for the VR-curious, Woot is currently discounting the 128 GB model of the Meta Quest 2 to just $229 (was $250), and it includes a one-year Facebook warranty that covers manufacturing defects. Unless you’re ready to shell out over $500 for the Meta Quest 3, this is the best and most affordable wireless VR headset on the market.

The Quest 2 is a versatile piece of hardware with an expansive catalog of games to choose from including the Resident Evil 4 VR remake, Beat Saber, Tetris Effect, and many more. If you’ve been wanting to give VR a try, this deal on the Meta Quest 2 is a great place to start.

The back of the Oculus Rift 2 headset, showing the new cloth strap

Meta Quest 2 (128 GB)

  • $242
  • $250
  • 4% off

Prices taken at time of publishing.

There’s currently no better wireless VR headset at this price point.

The Ravnica: Clue Edition booster box for Magic: The Gathering launched just a couple of weeks ago, but it’s already steeply discounted. You can get it for $49.99 at Amazon (was $72.99). Each box includes a set list of 21 Evidence cards in addition to eight Ravnica: Clue Edition booster packs.

This set is the only place you can find many of the set’s Clue-inspired cards like the Legendary Creature Senator Peacock, the Lead Pipe Artifact, or the Dining Room land. While the crossover with Clue is an unlikely pairing, I think we can all agree that the reimagined cast is full of hotties.

If you game on a PC and are looking to try out Ubisoft’s latest games, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown and Skull and Bones, you can currently save 40% when you add two games to your cart at the Ubisoft Store. While this discount doesn’t apply to pre-orders or any in-game currencies, you can save on plenty of Ubisoft games, as well as season passes or DLC. For instance, you can currently pick up a copy of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown and Skull and Bones together for just $65.99 (was $109.98).

Key art for the Ubisoft Store sale featuring Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown and Skull & Bones Image: Ubisoft

The top-selling stuff on Polygon this week

The best entertainment deals this week

Not all Mario Day deals are for goodies you play or watch on your TV. If you want to work on a project with your hands, you should check out this weekend includes the Lego Super Mario starter courses featuring Mario, Luigi, and Peach. Starter courses normally cost $59.99, but each one is currently discounted to $47.99 at Amazon. You’ll need one of them to take full advantage of Super Mario Expansion Courses, which are growing in variety.

Lego Super Mario Starter Course

  • $48
  • $60
  • 21% off

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This is the Lego Super Mario set you need if you want to add all of Lego and Nintendo’s exciting expansion sets at a later date. This set includes an interactive Mario figure, a Goomba figure, Bowser Jr., and a buildable course.

If you’d like to add the 4K Blu-ray version of The Super Mario Bros. Movie to your collection, the collector’s edition Steelbook is currently discounted to $27.99 at Walmart (was $34.99). This set includes a 4K Blu-ray, a standard 1080p Blu-ray, and a digital code for the film. Frankly, Bowser’s performance of “Peaches” is worth the price of admission alone. And, to be honest, the voice performances from the likes of Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, and others are delightful.

C’mon, you Goombas! You wanna live forever?! If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough of Helldivers 2, but unfortunately, Starship Troopers, one of the game’s key inspirations, is unavailable to stream online anywhere. However, if you’d like to join the Roughnecks and experience this 1997 Paul Verhoeven classic, you can pick up a discounted 4K Blu-ray copy from Amazon for $16.99 (was $16.99), or purchase the movie digitally in 4K from Prime Video for $7.99 (was $13.99).