All PlayStation trophies in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

All PlayStation trophies in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Those looking to get the platinum trophy for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are in for a long ride, as there’s tons of content in the game to complete — and yes, you need to do nearly all of it to earn that platinum. In addition to this, you’ll also need to complete most of the minigames at the highest level in order to secure the platinum trophy.

You will get a chunk of the trophies along the way just from playing the game. A ton of trophies come from completing chapters and from specific combat interactions, like summoning or exploiting an enemy’s weakness.

However, a bulk of the platinum baggage comes from having to complete Johnny’s Treasure Trove, which in turn means you have to ace a ton of the minigames and side content.

Below, we list out all the trophies you can unlock on PlayStation for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, with help from PSN Profiles.

FF7 Rebirth PlayStation trophy list

Trophy Unlock requirement
Trophy Unlock requirement
The Planet’s Hope Earn all Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trophies.
Never Meet Your Heroes Complete Chapter 1.
Swampy Situation Complete Chapter 2.
Make Mine Black Complete Chapter 3.
The President’s Commendation Complete Chapter 4.
Cryptic Cameo Complete Chapter 5.
Fun in the Sun Complete Chapter 6.
The Price of Progress Complete Chapter 7.
Worth the Weight? Complete Chapter 8.
Crying Out Complete Chapter 9.
Stars Fell from My Eyes Complete Chapter 10.
You’re Not Murasaki Complete Chapter 11.
Hearts Out, Dukes Up Complete Chapter 12.
I’m Here for You Complete Chapter 13.
Confluence of Worlds Complete Chapter 14.
I Got This Win a battle.
Exploitative Practices Exploit an enemy’s weakness.
Unfettered Friendship Free a bound ally.
Staggered Learning Stagger an enemy.
Break It Down Use a limit break.
Fledgling Summoner Invoke a summon.
Team Player Use a synergy skill.
No “I” in “Synergy” Use a synergy ability.
Entering New Markets Complete a quest.
Weapons 101 Max out a weapon ability’s proficiency.
A Materia World Level up an orb of materia.
New Blood Raise your Queen’s Blood rank.
Caching In Complete your search of a cache location.
I Brake for Chocobos Repair three chocobo stops.
Expert Ex-kweh-vator Use a chocobo to find two treasures buried by rabbits.
You Work for Me Now Defeat a summon in battle and obtain its materia.
Intelligence Aide Gather world intel at five separate locations.
Intelligence Specialist Gather world intel at 50 separate locations.
Director of Regional Intelligence Gather all pieces of world intel in a region.
Founder’s Bonus Obtain a protorelic in the grasslands.
Fort Condor Commander Obtain a protorelic in the Junon region.
Cactuar Crusher Obtain a protorelic in the Corel region.
Honorary Turk Obtain a protorelic in the Gongaga region.
The Gambit Paid Off Obtain a protorelic in the Cosmo Canyon region.
Professional Handler Obtain a protorelic in the Nibel region.
Bladesman of Legend Defeat Gilgamesh.
Moogle Lover Max out your moogle emporium merchant rank.
Materia Completionist Develop all possible materia together with Chadley.
7th, Assemble! Recruit all Midgar 7th Infantry units for the parade in Junon.
Stealing the Show Win the prize for outstanding performance in the Junon parade.
Card Royalty Win the Queen’s Blood tournament held on board the Shinra-8.
Critically Acclaimed Receive a review of S or higher for your performance of Loveless at the Gold Saucer.
1-Star Startup Donate 10 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn.
3-Star Hotel Donate 30 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn.
5-Star Hotel Donate 60 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn.
7-Star Hotel Inform Johnny that you have donated all possible items to his treasure trove.
Polygonal Prizefighter Defeat Sephiroth in the 3D Brawler.
Piano Virtuoso Play all six Piano Outreach Association songs well enough to receive remuneration.
Are You Not Entertained? Complete all boughts in the Musclehead Colosseum.
Hall of Famer Win all chocobo races.
My Job Here is Done Complete all quests.
Grind it Out Attain level 70 with a character.
Staggering Success Deal 300% or more damage to a staggered enemy.
Well-Rounded Master all weapon abilities and limit breaks, including those found in folios.
Of Hardy Stock Complete all chapters on Hard difficulty.
Virtually Renowned Complete all of Chadley’s combat simulations.

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