Best RAM-9 loadout, class build in Modern Warfare 3

Best RAM-9 loadout, class build in Modern Warfare 3

The best RAM-9 loadout in Modern Warfare 3 is, to put it lightly, a monster when you learn how to manage its recoil. By default, the new SMG has a ridiculous fire rate with excellent mobility and handling stats, so the goal is to improve the recoil control while negating the impact on what it already excels at as much as possible.

It’s still early days in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2, but it’s safe to say the RAM-9 has quickly become one of the frontrunners in the SMG category and could be considered one of the best guns in MW3. We’ve identified the best attachments for this fast-firing weapon of destruction that mean you can use this up close and personal or at quite a distance and maintain both the accuracy and damage you need.

Here is the best RAM-9 loadout in MW3, the best class to use alongside it, and how to unlock the gun in the first place.

How to unlock the RAM-9 in MW3

To unlock the RAM-9, you must complete sector B6 on the Season 2 battle pass map. This is only two sectors away from the start, so the quickest route is B1-B3-B6, and you’ll only need 15 battle pass tokens to get there. What’s even better is that the RAM-9 is free, so you don’t need to purchase the battle pass with COD points or real money to acquire it, which is the same as our best BP50 loadout. Once Season 2 is over, you’ll likely be able to acquire the RAM-9 via an armory unlock challenge.

Best RAM-9 loadout in MW3

A MW3 menu shows the best loadout for the RAM 9. Image: Sledgehammer Games/Activision via Polygon

Here is the best RAM-9 loadout in Modern Warfare 3:

  • Muzzle: ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider
  • Barrel: Speedway V5 Short Barrel
  • Underbarrel: SL Skeletal Vertical Grip
  • Rear Grip: Retort 90 Grip Tape
  • Stock: HVS 3.4 Pad

As mentioned above, the goal here is to reduce the recoil, which most of the attachments contribute to. The ZEHMN35 muzzle has the added bonus of shortening your radar pings when you shoot, sacrificing a little ADS speed and bullet velocity, while the Speedway V5 barrel does the same but also buffs the sprint to fire speed. However, thanks to the SL Skeletal Vertical Grip, this is canceled out, and the only real loser here is the hipfire and tac stance spread. Toward the rear of the gun, the Retort 90 Grip Tape again mostly assists with recoil control, as does the HVS 3.4 Pad.

The RAM-9 has 32 bullets per magazine and a fairly quick reload time, which means an extended mag attachment isn’t strictly necessary, but if you find yourself running out of bullets too quickly, consider swapping the Speedway V5 barrel for one. The iron sight is also fairly decent on the RAM-9, but if you prefer an optical sight, any standard red dot will do the job.

Best RAM-9 class in MW3

A menu shows the best class to use the RAM 9 with in MW3. Image: Sledgehammer Games/Activision via Polygon

Here is the best class to use with the RAM-9 in Modern Warfare 3:

  • Vest: Ninja Vest
  • Handgun: Renetti
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade
  • Lethal: Throwing Knife
  • Field Upgrade: ACS
  • Boots: Stalker Boots
  • Gear: EOD Padding

You’ll be doing a lot of running with this RAM-9 loadout, and there’s nothing worse than when someone knows your exact locations thanks to your footsteps, so the Ninja Vest is ideal thanks to its ability to eliminate footstep sounds. It also makes you immune to movement reduction effects, gives you bonus Throwing Knife ammo, and resupplies those Throwing Knives every 25 seconds, so you needn’t worry as much about picking them back up.

The Renetti is the best handgun in the game, so it’s a no-brainer pick here, and the same goes for the Stun Grenade. Obviously, we’ve gone for the Throwing Knife as the lethal option, while our Field Upgrade of choice is the ACS to help you secure those objectives. If you’re playing a mode where the ACS isn’t useful — such as Search & Destroy or Team Deathmatch — swap it out for a Trophy System or Suppression Mine.

The Stalker Boots are immensely useful when you’re on the move and aiming down the sights often, although the Lightweight Boots, Climbing Boots, and Running Sneakers are all helpful too if you prefer something else. EOD Padding will protect you from explosive effects such as grenades, or you can opt for a Tac Mask for more protection from Stun and Flash Grenades. Alternatively, consider the Ghost T/V Camo for UAV protection.

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