Destiny 2 The Pantheon bosses list, rewards, and guide to how it works

Destiny 2 The Pantheon bosses list, rewards, and guide to how it works

The Pantheon is a time-limited endgame challenge in Destiny 2, which arrives has part of the Into the Light update. That means you only have a few weeks — until servers go down ahead of The Final Shape expansion on June 3 — to complete The Pantheon and earn all of its rewards.

In this Destiny 2 Pantheon guide, I’ll walk you through how Pantheon works, the Pantheon rewards you can get out of it, and what the week-to-week schedule looks like.

[Spoiler Warning: Bungie hasn’t announced the full roster of Pantheon bosses, but multiple reliable leakers and data miners have put the schedule together. This post contains the full boss roster for all four weeks of Pantheon, so stay clear if you’d rather be surprised.]

The Pantheon guide: What is Pantheon and how does it work?

The Pantheon: Atraks Sovereign launch screen in Destiny 2 Image: Bungie via Polygon

The Pantheon is a raid gauntlet that also acts as a raid catch up mechanic. There are four different difficulty levels of The Pantheon, which release one week after the other. The lowest difficulty version of The Pantheon starts on April 30, and will put you at a five Power disadvantage, whereas the final difficulty on May 21 will put you at a 20 Power disadvantage.

Pantheon starts with only four raid bosses, gathered together from a variety of different Destiny 2 raids. You’ll start in the Golgoroth encounter from King’s Fall. Once you kill him, you’ll receive your rewards before getting teleported to the Caretaker encounter from Vow of the Disciple. This continues until you beat the final boss for that week.

If you want to see the first Pantheon activity (Atraks Sovereign) in action, you can watch a complete playthrough from Esoterickk on YouTube:

[embedded content]

In addition to an increased difficulty, subsequent weeks also gain more bosses. So while week one starts with four bosses, week two will take you through the original four and then ask you to kill a fifth. There will be a sixth boss on week three, and then week four adds two more bosses, tasking you with killing eight endgame bosses in a row. Each boss also has a few tweaks to them to make them even more difficult than before.

That might sound tough — and it looks like it will be — but there are some great boons in Pantheon to help you succeed. Like Master raids, The Pantheon has burns, meaning certain elements are more powerful and deal bonus damage. There are also some modifiers that are unique to Pantheon that will help increase your damage and survivability, like giving your Fireteam a buff when someone uses their class ability nearby.

Destiny 2 Pantheon rewards

A Guardian picks up the Divine Weaponry quest from Destiny Image: Bungie via Polygon

As for why you’d want to subject yourself to The Pantheon, the rewards are pretty substantial. Each time you kill a boss, raid loot from the raids featured in Pantheon practically rain from the sky. This is a great way to get some raid weapons you’ve been missing, or even fill out your crafting patterns.

But the best part of The Pantheon activity is the “Divine Weaponryquest. If you manage to complete all the bosses in Atraks Sovereign Pantheon, you can choose from a collection of raid Exotics you might be missing. That’s right, you can guarantee yourself one raid Exotic as part of completing this quest, weapons that have always been random in the past, and can take dozens of clears to earn.

Here’s the full list of Exotics you’ll be able to choose from in Week 1 of Pantheon:

  • Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher, Deep Stone Crypt
  • Touch of Malice scout rifle, King’s Fall

According to datamines, the following will also be made available before The Final Shape arrives:

  • Collective Obligation pulse rifle, Vow of the Disciple
  • Conditional Finality shotgun, Root of Nightmares
  • One Thousand Voices fusion rifle, Last Wish

Finally, there’s the Godslayer title, which will require you to not only kill all the Pantheon bosses before June 3, but kill them quickly. Each boss also has a bonus timer, and if you kill them with enough points, you’ll get a Platinum medal, netting you a Triumph you need for Godslayer and a free Adept raid weapon once per week.

The Pantheon bosses list in order

Atraks-1, a raid boss in Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt raid, points toward the camera. Atraks-1 is an Exo Fallen, a white robot with multiple eyes and armor. Image: Bungie

The Pantheon will add a new encounter each week leading up to The Final Shape, headlined by the final boss in the run, and will include all previous encounters alongside a Power difficulty increase.

Here are the bosses you’ll need to clear in each The Pantheon encounter, as well as the most noticeable changes you can expect:

  1. Golgoroth (all Pantheon encounters) — Golgoroth now inflicts two Guardians with Unstable Light at once, spawns additional enemies for gaze holders to deal with
  2. Caretaker (all Pantheon encounters) — Taken Phalanx now spawn near Caretaker to harass the tanks
  3. Macrocosm (all Pantheon encounters) — Zo’Aurc spawns additional fire tornadoes during the planet moving phase, a Tormentor spawns after all planets are in place
  4. Atraks Sovereign (all Pantheon encounters) — A Tormentor can spawn in the lower or upper part of the map during the buff gathering stage
  5. Oryx Exalted (added to the Oryx Exalted encounter) — There are additional Light-Eater Knight spawns per-phase, a Tormentor spawns after the damage dealing phase, plate Knights are now boss-level enemies with Solar shields, and there are now multiple Oryx shades in his between-phase prison

As for the final weeks, thanks to datamines, we know we can expect the following:

  • The Pantheon: Rhulk Indomitable (Week 3, May 14) will add the above encounters, plus Rhulk Indomitable and +15 Power difficulty.
  • The Pantheon: Nezarec Sublime (Week 4, May 21) will add the above encounters, plus Riven of a Thousand Voices and Nezarec Sublime, as well as +20 Power difficulty — the equivalent to a Contest mode raid.

All done? As you wait for The Final Shape, you might want to grab yourself a craftable Whisper of the Worm in “The Whisper” mission. Once you have it, be sure to find all of the Oracle locations and upgrade your Whisper of the Worm with Taken Blights.