Diablo 4 never had enough treasure goblins. Next week, that changes

Diablo 4 never had enough treasure goblins. Next week, that changes

Diablo 4 is definitely on the right track after its current season, titled Loot Reborn, made sweeping revisions to the item game of Blizzard’s flagship action role-playing game. But it still lags behind its predecessors in a few areas, one of them being its relative lack of treasure goblins — those little cackling guys with sacks of stolen gold and loot who inspire frantic chases around the map to slay them before they teleport away, often with a comedic conga line of monsters in tow.

Treasure goblins rule. You can’t have enough treasure goblins. Diablo 3 introduced the ability to follow them back through a portal to their own loot-filled realm, The Vault, where you could battle a boss called Baroness Greed for even more goodies. How great is that?

The good news is that Diablo 4 is about to get much more treasure-goblin-centric. The bad news is that it’s only happening for a week.

To celebrate the game’s first anniversary, Blizzard is running an event called March of the Goblins from June 6-13. During the event, there’ll be more treasure goblins running around, their bags will be stuffed with more loot, and there’ll also be a greater incidence of greed shrines, which cause monsters (including treasure goblins) to drop even more gold when activated. Treasure goblins will appear in dungeons in pairs, or even larger packs.

As another nod to Diablo 4’s first birthday, all players will get a Mother’s Blessing buff that increases XP gain by 25% and gold rewards by 50%. Blizzard said the buff would last 10 days, although it wasn’t precise about the dates. There’ll also be some free cosmetics to claim from the shop.

There’ll be a similar March of the Goblins event, as well as other bonuses, in mobile game Diablo Immortal, which coincidentally celebrates its second anniversary at the same time.

Goblins all round. Get ’em while they’re hot!