Dragon’s Dogma 2 guides, walkthroughs, and explainers

Dragon’s Dogma 2 guides, walkthroughs, and explainers

Dragon’s Dogma 2 fights you at every turn. That’s not just about the combat (which is tense) or the pawns (whom are dense). Even the save system seems like it’s pitted against you.

But Polygon’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 guides are here to help you learn the game and answer your questions. Even before you start Dragon’s Dogma 2, we’ll help you understand how to import a Character Creator character (well, only once).

Once your character’s made and you’ve started fighting your way across Vermund, we’ve got guides for choosing your class (or vocation, as the game calls it), changing your vocation, and unlocking new vocations like the Magick Archer and Mystic Spearhand. Just starting out? We’ve got expertly crafted builds for the starting four vocations of Fighter, Archer, Thief, and Mage.

If you get stuck on any particular quest, we’ve got walkthroughs for quests like “Oxcart Courier,” “The Ornate Box,” “Hunt for the Jadeite Orb,” and “Prey for the Pack.” When you’re ready to really sink your teeth into the main story, see the best order for Captain Brant’s quests.

As you go, you should keep our beginner’s tips handy — even dozens of hours in, you may still need a quick answer. No matter how good you get, the game will still fight you. But you’ll know how to win.

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