Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth weapons guide

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth weapons guide

Each character in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has seven weapons (wow, just like the name of the game) to find and unlock. Each weapon also has a unique weapon ability that makes the party members stronger. Mastering these abilities so that you can use them even if the characters don’t have the respective weapons equipped is an important part of the game, but where do you find all these weapons?

While some are locked behind some side content, you’ll find a majority of them as you crawl through caverns and abandoned reactors, so you’ll specifically want to keep your eye out for purple glowing chests. We get into that more below.

In our FF7 Rebirth guide, we explain which weapons are the best to use, how to level up weapons, and where to find each of the weapons in the game.

What is the best weapon in FF7 Rebirth?

There isn’t really a definitive answer to this, since weapons have different stats and specialties. It mainly relies on how you like to play. For the most part, later weapons will be better than the earlier ones, especially since later weapons allow you to equip more materia.

For example, the second-to-last weapon for Cloud, the Igneous Saber, has significantly higher physical attack than the rest of his weapons, but has a lower magic attack stat in return. Though this is my weapon of preference for Cloud (since I don’t run much magic on him), somebody who wants to fling spells around may opt for Cloud’s third weapon, the Rune Blade, which has a really high magic attack.

That is all to say that all of these weapons have further customization added to them in “weapon skills,” so it’s really up to you. If you feel yourself dying a ton, you may want a weapon that beefs up HP. If you’re a master of counters and parries, you may want a weapon that has a skill that beefs up damage for Cloud’s punisher mode.

How to level up weapons in FF7 Rebirth

The idea of “leveling up your weapons” is kind of misleading, given that the weapons and their levels have their own “upgrade weapons” menu screen. Unlike Final Fantasy 7 Remake, there’s no way to separately level up individual weapons using a skill tree. Rather, each character has a “weapon level” that’s just separate from their regular levels. All the SP you gain from leveling goes towards one huge skill tree, so there’s nothing you really have to worry about here.

Just keep battling and your weapon level will go up.

The “upgrade weapons” screen in FF7 Rebirth, allowing you to equip different weapon skills. Image: Square Enix via Polygon

As you increase your weapon level, you’ll unlock new “weapon skills,” which may increase stats, increase stagger from individual skills, or add other useful perks. You can equip these both in the “weapons and materia” and “upgrade weapons” screen. Different weapons have different weapon skills, so you’ll want to try out a bunch of different combinations to see what suits your playstyle.

Where to find every weapon in FF7 Rebirth

You can find nearly every weapon in the game in a glowing purple chest, but each character other than Cloud has a weapon that you’ll need to get through another means, whether it’s a side quest, minigame, or combination of both.

Cloud stands in front of a chest with a purple glow to it in FF7 Rebirth Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Some purple chests can be pretty easy to miss, but have no fear. Once you clear that part of the game, you can go back and buy the missed weapon from a shopkeeper in any of the major areas (like Gongaga Village or Kalm) for gil. (Note that we say shopkeeper, not vending machine.) This only applies to weapons that aren’t locked behind minigames and side quests. You will have to still complete the side quest or beat the minigame high score if you want those weapons — there’s no way around it.

Each character except Cait Sith will also get their last weapon inside the final dungeon of the game, the Temple of the Ancients, so if you’re still missing a weapon before the point of no return, this is why.

Below we list all the weapons in FF7 Rebirth, along with where to find them, their abilities, and what chapter you get them in. The table is also sortable, so you can find the weapon you want quickly.

FF7 Rebirth weapons list and locations

Weapon User Ability Location Chapter
Weapon User Ability Location Chapter
Buster Sword Cloud Focused Thrust Default weapon 1
Sleek Saber Cloud Firebolt Blade Purple chest in the Abandoned Dock in the Grasslands 2
Rune Blade Cloud Disorder Purple chest by the vending machine in the Starboard Connecting Passage in Junon 4
Umbral Blade Cloud Prime Mode Purple chest at the Solemnitude Manor in The Dustbowl (Corel) 8
Crystal Sword Cloud Infinity’s End Purple chest in the Freight Corridor in the Gongaga Reactor. You’ll need to slip through some small cracks in the wall to get to it. 9
Igneous Saber Cloud Blade Burst Purple chest on the cliff in the Northern Ridge – Upper Level of Mt. Nibel. The path splits into two climbable sections, and you’ll need to climb up the east side. 11
Slipstream Saber Cloud Counterstance Purple chest in the Corridor of Trepidation in the Temple of the Ancients 13
Gatling Gun Barret Focused Shot Default weapon 1
Hi-Caliber Rifle Barret Bonus Round Purple chest in the swamp in the Grasslands 2
Barrage Blaster Barret Lifesaver Purple chest in Railway Control Tower – 1F in the Coal Mines (Corel) 7
Vulcan Cannon Barret Charging Uppercut Purple chest in the Scrapyard Prison Cell in Corel’s desert 8
Fafnir Rifle Barret Point Blank Side quest “The Pursuit of Perfection” in Gongaga 9
Calamitous Bazooka Barret Smackdown Purple chest in the Gate of Anger in the Cave of the Gi (Cosmo Canyon) 10
Battle Cry Barret Turbulent Spirit Purple chest in the Corridor of Catastrophe in the Temple of the Ancients 13
Leather Gloves Tifa Divekick Default weapon 1
Sylph Gloves Tifa Reverse Gale Purple chest in Northern Quarry – Storage in the Mythril Mines (between the Grasslands and Junon) 3
Kaiser Knuckles Tifa Overpower Purple chest in the 1st Freight Room on the Shinra-8 boat (between Junon and Corel) 5
Dragon Claws Tifa Starshower Minigame, earn a Rank 3 score in the “Desert Rush” minigame in The Dustbowl (Corel) 8
Tiger Fangs Tifa Chi Trap Purple chest in Output Regulation – B1 in the Gongaga reactor 9
Crystal Gloves Tifa Unfettered Fury Purple chest in front of Building G-02 in the Garm Pass (Nibel) 11
Járngreipr Tifa True Strike Purple chest in the Corridor of Currents in the Temple of the Ancients 13
Guard Stick Aerith Arcane Ward Default weapon 1
Timeless Rod Aerith Chrono Aegis Purple chest inside the barn at Bill’s Ranch (Grasslands) 2
Empress’s Scepter Aerith Radiant Ward Purple chest inside a bedroom in the Under Junon inn 4
Wizard’s Rod Aerith Lustrous Shield Purple chest near water on the climb up Mt. Corel 7
Ceremonial Staff Aerith ATB Ward Purple chest near the vending machine in Outcasts’ Shore in the Village of the Gi 10
Plumose Rod Aerith Ray of Judgment Minigame (kind of) and side quest, complete “Lament of the Damned” in Nibelheim and then complete all the advanced combat challenges in Hojo’s combat simulator. After doing so, a door will open to the Simulator Control Room, where you can find this weapon in a purple chest. 12
Gambanteinn Aerith Noble Sacrifice Purple chest in the Hall of Life – Second Tier in the Temple of the Ancients 13
Mythril Collar Red XIII Stardust Ray Default weapon 1
Renegade’s Collar Red XIII Crescent Claw Purple chest near the vending machine in the Subterranean Terrace in the Mythril Mines (between the Grasslands and Junon) 3
Silver Collar Red XIII Chilling Roar Minigame, earn a Rank 3 score in the “Run Wild” minigame in Costa del Sol 7
Amythest Collar Red XIII Supernal Fervor Purple chest inside Colliery No. 1 in the Old South Corel Mine. You’ll need to do the side quest “Of Robes and Ransoms” to get here. 7
Golden Collar Red XIII Watcher’s Respite Purple chest in Coolant Control – B3 in the Gongaga Reactor 9
Mystic Collar Red XIII Watcher’s Spirit Interact with the Watcher’s Glaive in the Hall of Diversion in the Cave of the Gi 10
Brísingamen Red XIII Reaper Touch Purple chest in the Corridor of Repose in the Temple of the Ancients 13
4-Point Shuriken Yuffie Elemental Ninjutsu Default weapon 6
Savage Dagger Yuffie Blindside Default weapon 6
Twin Viper Yuffie Windstorm Purple chest in Preparation Plant – 1F in the Coal Mines (Corel) 7
Bird of Prey Yuffie Dopplegänger Purple chest inside Cissnei’s house in Gongaga Village 9
Crescent Sickle Yuffie Shooting Star Minigame, earn a Rank 3 score in “Glide de Chocobo Training Course No. 1” in Cosmo Canyon. This minigame is part of the side quest “Bonds of Trust,” which you need to complete to unlock chocobos in the area. 10
Crystalline Cross Yuffie Banishment Purple chest in the Utilidor in the Gold Saucer, though only accessible during a point during your second Gold Saucer trip. 12
Fuma Shuriken Yuffie Purification Purple chest in the Shrine of Ambition in the Temple of the Ancients 13
Yellow Megaphone Cait Sith Roll o’ the Dice Default weapon 9
Iron Megaphone Cait Sith Fortune Telling Default weapon 9
Red Megaphone Cait Sith Moogle Kaboom Purple chest in a cave accessible via swimming in the Gongaga Gorge 9
Resounding Megaphone Cait Sith Moogle Mine Purple chest in the Gongaga Airstrip 9
Crystal Megaphone Cait Sith Moogle Magic Purple chest in the Observatory Treasury in Cosmo Canyon 10
Golden Megaphone Cait Sith Moogle Knuckle Purple chest in the Specimen Testing Room in Shinra Manor 11
Gjallarhorn Cait Sith Lady Luck Minigame, collect 45 Chocograss for the NPC in the Chocobo Sage’s Manor (Nibel). 11

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