Fortnite is bringing back its Coachella collab with a new twist

Fortnite is bringing back its Coachella collab with a new twist

You can pretty much do anything in Fortnite these days. You can hunt down Greek gods, watch the solar eclipse virtually, or unleash a Waterbending fury as a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. And starting Tuesday, players will once again be able to attend a virtual version of Coachella, the popular music festival, in the game.

The Fortnite and Coachella collab will allow players visit a new island location, purchase Coachella-themed cosmetic items, and play tracks from from the Coachella lineup on the Fortnite Festival stage.

It’s the third year that Epic Games has teamed up with Coachella organizers to put on special in-game content for Fortnite, but the developers have kicked it up a notch this time around. Players will be able to explore Sahara Island — a virtual locale inspired by the real-life venue at Coachella — which a release described as “a new music and minigame experience” that utilizes music and visuals from Coachella 2024 artists, including Grimes and DJ Snake.

Fortnite has changed a lot since since the game’s previous Coachella event last spring. Now, Fortnite works more like a platform where users can log on and play a wide variety of games, in addition to the popular battle royale shooter that comprises its foundation. This growing list of games includes includes Fortnite Festival, a rhythm game where players can form bands and play popular songs from artists like The Weeknd or Lady Gaga. Now Coachella will have a mini-Fortnite Festival takeover where players will be able to perform Jam Tracks from artists performing at Coachella 2024, like Doja Cat and Lil Uzi Vert.

The event will also introduce new cosmetic items and brings back a few old outfits in Fortnite’s item shop as well. J Balvin will be getting a new cosmetic called “Inferno Skeleton Balvin,” and the girlies might want to snag the Butterfly Back Bling. If you’re dying to see what’s hitting the shop and when, you can take a look at the detailed notes below:

Coachella-themed Outfits from 2022-2023 are back in the Fortnite Item Shop with the introduction of two new Outfits: Horizon and Cosma, an ode to Coachella’s iconic Astronaut art installation. Bring back memories of floating in space with the Interstellar Butterfly Back Bling and carry the beat across the universe with the Coachella Pulse Pickaxe. Finish off this “new wave” of attire with the Soft Synth Wrap. If you’re a fan of LEGO® Fortnite, both the Horizon and Cosma Outfit have a LEGO Style. Pairing well with Horizon and Cosma are the Mirage Glimmer Guitar and Festival Keys Keytar. In addition to Outfits, players will find Emotes inspired by Coachella 2024 performers Doja Cat and Sabrina Carpenter. All Outfits, cosmetic items, Instruments, and Emotes will be available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop starting April 11 at 8 PM ET until April 20 at 8 PM ET.

J Balvin also returns to Fortnite in a fiery new incarnation. To celebrate his upcoming Coachella performance, the Inferno Skeleton Balvin Outfit comes to the Item Shop starting the second weekend of Coachella – April 18 at 8 PM ET – until April 22 at 8 PM ET. This Outfit includes the sizzling and smiling Zappy-Go-Backy Back Bling. The Outfit (and included Back Bling) is available individually or in the Inferno Skeleton Balvin Bundle, which additionally includes the Mi Gente Jam Track!

The collaboration isn’t just about bringing the IRL event to Fortnite. It’ll also give real-life festival attendees a little flavor of Fortnite as well. Those watching the Sahara Tent via the official YouTube during the second weekend can tune in and see an augmented reality performance created using Epic Game’s Unreal Engine.

But if you’re like me — meaning the idea of running around inebriated and dehydrated in a desert isn’t your cup of tea — well, you can check out the Fortnite and Coachella collab from the comfort of your home now.