Fortnite is lowkey becoming the go-to place for Lego video games 

Fortnite is lowkey becoming the go-to place for Lego video games 

Fortnite continues its growth into a platform for experiences beyond the battle royale shooter, and now its adding another Lego game to its roster. Could it start to become the default home for Lego game experiences? On Tuesday, Lego Group and Epic Games released another game to its growing library of games: a space exploration adventure called Lego Smoothie Odyssey.

Lego Smoothie Odyssey’s name perfectly describes its gameplay. You explore the plastic-y cosmos and collect ingredients to make smoothies that are, shall we say, out of this world. Based on a description of the game, it appears to emphasize exploration and allows players to venture forth into a variety of locales featuring landmarks like ancient caves and bubbling geysers. Its goofy, neon pink and purple worlds perfectly match Fortnite’s aesthetic.

Prior to all the Lego Fortnite games, Warner Bros. Games served as the main publisher behind a lot of Lego games with licensed IP. This included its most recent release, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in 2022. Now, Epic Games has become a major purveyor of Lego games. Sony and Lego Group invested $2 billion in Epic Games back in the spring of last year. Now we’re starting to see the fruits of that investment, as the catalog of Lego games on Fortnite grows in number and in scope.

It started with the Minecraft-esque Lego Fortnite, which paired classic Lego brick building with survival gameplay. Since then Lego Group and Epic Games have continued to expand upon the world in Lego Fortnite, but also release a bunch of other games within the Fortnite launcher. Epic Games released Lego Plane Walkers — a game where you navigate a plane by balancing its wings — on May 16. Just a few months prior, the developers also added three additional games: Lego Cat Island Adventure, Lego Prop Hunt, and Lego Battle Arena and February brought Lego Raft Survival and Lego Obby Fun. It’s already a lot and this all isn’t even considering that the users themselves can create and design their own kinds of Lego games on Fortnite as well.

Back when I was kid, we played Lego Star Wars games on the Nintendo GameCube. Now people can just download Fortnite for free and get a full catalog of different options with all kinds of gameplay. It’s pretty sweet arrangement if you happen to be a fan of all things Lego, but only time will tell if any of the games end up resonating in a big way with fans.