Fortnite’s old map locations are weirdly sad right now

Fortnite’s old map locations are weirdly sad right now

The once opalescent locales of Grand Glacier and Lavish Lair aren’t what they used to be in Fortnite.

Players can still visit these locations in the current Chapter 5 Season 2 map, but they don’t have the character they used to. The new update has taken away their boss fights and the vaults full of loot. Sure, you can still walk around each place’s hallowed halls, but everything feels a whole lot emptier. Now, fans have been posting melodramatic (and slightly funny) clips on TikTok sharing what they miss about the old version as they visit now lonely locations.

Epic Games released Chapter 5 Season 2 of Fortnite on March 8. Another season means flashy new locations like the hazy underworld-inspired lands of of Grim Gate and the celestial Mount Olympus. Generally speaking, these new Greek-inspired locations have been hotbeds of fighting for players, but that’s left other spots in the dust. For those who take the time to make the trek out to old regions will find they’re surprisingly empty. Now, players can’t fight the old bosses and spots have been emptied out of their annoying NPCs and loot-filled vaults.

This has inspired some to comment on the weird emptiness that comes with the abandoned digital spaces. One person wrote on TikTok, “either i’m extremely emotional or something about these bosses being gone and the vaults being empty is extremely voiding,” in a video showing a quiet library room in a mansion. While some commented on the general vacant nature of some buildings, others missed certain characters. In the comments, fans lamented the loss of Montague, the previous boss of Grand Glacier. The top comment, which viewers liked more than 27,700 times, said, “i was devastated when i found out montague is dead tbh.”

The videos are so overly dramatic that they kind of cross the border over into a bit. It’s been less than a week since Epic Games released the new season, so all the angst might be a bit overblown. In this video, one person shares a video of an empty room and plays a sad Frank Ocean song in the background.

Fans have also shared videos to remember the locations that the developers took out in the new patch, like Hazy Hillside.

Not everyone misses the old locations. People are already having loads of fun with the new weapons and exploring the new locations. It might be a bit funny, or a bit sad, but change is the only real constant in Fortnite. I think the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, put it best when he talked about how everything changes, “You could not step twice into the same river.” I suspect the ancient thinker was not referring to Fortnite when he said this, but hey, it definitely applies here.