How to carry progress from the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo to the main game

How to carry progress from the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo to the main game

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has a playable demo on PlayStation 5, allowing you to step into Cloud’s implausibly polished Doc Martens ahead of the game’s Feb. 29 release.

Here’s a rough rundown of what to expect from the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo, and what progress will carry over to the main game.

How to download the FF7R demo?

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You can download the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo directly from the PlayStation Store on your PS5. The demo is 48 GB.

How long is the FF7R demo?

The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo covers the “Nibelheim” episode set a few years prior to the main game. You’re cast as Cloud and hair metal model Sephiroth in a flashback sequence. Depending on how methodically you play, it will take you about an hour or two to complete.

On Feb. 21, Square Enix added a segment covering Junon, one of the explorable open-world areas of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. You’ll be able to try out some gameplay features (like the new synergy moves between party members) not available in the first portion of the demo. Since it’s a bit more open-ended than the Nibelheim chapter, your playtime may vary. Polygon had a chance to play this particular demo during a Sept. 2023 preview event. You can read more about what to expect from this segment of the demo in Polygon’s hands-on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth preview.

Since the demo initially went live, Square Enix patched improvements to the game’s “performance” graphical mode.

Does progress carry from the FF7R demo to the main game?

Having save data from the demo on your PS5 will grant you a number of items to use in the full release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. You’ll get the Kupo Charm — an accessory that boosts how many resources you receive — plus a smattering of potions, ethers, and other items, referred to as the “survival set.”

Completing the Nibelheim episode will allow you to skip that segment in the full game. Any progress made during the Junon area, however, won’t carry over; that particular section has been “altered to make the content more compact,” so it’s not representative of what you’ll experience in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth comes out on PS5 on Feb. 29, 2024.