How to do Bellanoir raids in Palworld

How to do Bellanoir raids in Palworld

Palworld features raids where you can summon large powerful Pals to take on. You’ll need to build some specific structures and find slab fragments in order to actually take on these powerful creatures like Bellanoir.

You cannot catch this raid Pal, but once you defeat it, it will drop an egg that will hatch a Bellanoir. There’s also a harder version of the fight, in which you have to fight Bellanoir Libero, a beefed-up version that changes types during the fight. There’s also an even harder version, labeled Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) for those who love a challenge.

There are a few things you need before taking on raids in Palworld, and we list the requirements (plus some tips) below.

How to summon a Bellanoir for raids in Palworld

At least one player on your server will need to set up the raid, which requires having the following:

  • Four Bellanoir Slab Fragments to turn into a Bellanoir Slab
  • A workbench or assembly line for crafting
  • A Summoning Altar (unlocked at level 33 with Ancient Technology Points, costs 100 stone and 20 Paldium fragments)
  • A base that can host the Summoning Altar

Note that the incoming raid Pal will likely destroy your base, so we recommend making a new base somewhere remote and using this as a “raid base.” We brought Bellanoir up into our now-abandoned ore farm and not only did it obliterate all the ore deposits, but it also destroyed the Summoning Altar, too.

Do not summon Bellanoir in a base where your Palbox is on a foundation. If she breaks the Palbox, the raid will immediately end in a loss. The Palbox is sturdy enough on its own, but if the foundation that the Palbox is on breaks, the Palbox will break, too.

Once you have at least four slab fragments, you can head over to your workbench and start crafting a Bellanoir Slab.

A crafting menu in Palworld showing how to craft Bellanoir’s Slab Image: Pocketpair via Polygon

Once you’ve got the slab, place it into the Summoning Altar and summon the Pal! All slabs are single-use items, so if you want to fight Bellanoir again, you’ll need to find more slab fragments.

Where to find Bellanoir Slab Fragments

You can find Bellanoir Slab Fragments in chests. We had the most luck finding the slab fragments in the final chests that are rewarded for clearing out dungeons. We did not find any slabs in overworld chests, but it’s possible that we were just really unlucky.

A Palworld character stands at the end of a dungeon with two purple chests in front of her Image: Pocketpair via Polygon

We were able to find both Bellanoir and Bellanoir Libero’s Slab Fragments in caves of various levels, with the Bellanoir Libero’s Slab Fragment being in a higher-level dungeon.

How to beat Bellanoir in Palworld

Bellanoir has nearly 300,000 HP and you only have 10 minutes to take it down. Being dark-type, Bellanoir is weak against dragon-type moves.

You’ll need to bring some powerful weapons (and make sure they’re not about to break) like shotguns or assault rifles to take it down, along with some strong armor and Pals. Keep in mind that, since this is a battle done at your base, you can have 16 of your Pals fighting alongside of you (15 base Pals and one Pal from your party). Just bring the strongest ones you have out of the Palbox into the base and they will help you take her down.

A swarm of Pals beat up the Bellanoir raid boss in Palworld
Well, this doesn’t seem entirely fair.
Image: Pocketpair via Polygon

Endgame-ish players likely won’t find this fight to be too troubling. We were able to just sic a bunch of Legendary Pals from storage on regular Bellanoir and it went down pretty quickly. We were also able to take Bellanoir on one-on-one with just one Pal and an assault rifle, though this wasn’t nearly as quick.

Bellanoir Libero, the harder version of this fight, has a whopping 450,000 HP and swaps to ice-type during the fight, so you’ll need to really bring your strongest Pals and take advantage of its weakness to defeat it within the time limit. Starting as a dark-type, it’ll still be weak to dragon-type moves like its easier counterpart, but you’ll want to use fire-type moves to take it down once it swaps to ice. Bellanoir Libero (Ultra) sports 900,000 HP.

Bellanoir raid rewards

For beating Bellanoir, we got a Huge Dark Egg (that hatched into a Bellanoir), as well as a Multiclimate Undershirt, a Training Crystal, two Training Manual (XL)s, and an Ancient Civilization Core.

Bellanoir Libero also drops a Huge Dark Egg that allows you to hatch a Bellanoir Libero. Who would have thought?

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