How to dye your gear in FFXIV

How to dye your gear in FFXIV

If you really want to be a fashionista in Final Fantasy 14, you’ll want to dye your gear various colors to suit your needs. Dyeing your stuff is easy, but you’ll need to unlock the ability to dye gear first.

Below we explain where to unlock the dye ability in FFXIV as well as how to dye your gear using things like glamour plates.

How to unlock gear-dyeing in FFXIV

To unlock the ability to dye, talk to Swyrgeim in Vesper Bay, the same NPC who unlocked glamour. As the same for glamour, you need to be at least level 15 an far enough in the main scenario quests to have access to Western Thanalan. Once you complete the quest “Color Your World,” you’ll be able to dye gear.

Swyrgeim, a female Roegadyn NPC in FFXIV dressed in many colors, sits on a bench Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Square Enix

How to dye your gear in FFXIV

You can dye individual pieces of your gear by selecting the Dye ability from your actions and traits menu, as long as you have the dye. You can also select any dyeable item from your inventory and choose to dye it from there.

You can get dyes from NPC vendors, from crafting them from pigments, and from a variety of other means. Each dye job will cost one dye.

If you want to remove the dye and return an item to its original coloring, you’ll need Terebinth, which is also buyable from vendors.

You can also dye from within glamour plates, which only uses the dye when you first place it on the plate. It will not use extra dyes when you apply the plate later.

Menu screens showing different dye options
You can preview the dyes before you use them
Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Personally, when I have a rare dye, like Pure White, I prefer on dyeing the clothing item and then putting it in our glamour dresser. That way, the item will stay dyed and I don’t have to use another expensive dye if I want to move it to another plate or use it in another outfit.