How to fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2

How to fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You’ll find fast travel an elusive mechanic in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You’ll spend the majority of your time hoofing it across the world — either languidly soaking in the sights or frustrated at traversing the same road for the 50th time. But there are indeed methods for fast travel, though note that neither are exactly convenient.

Our Dragon’s Dogma 2 guide will show you how to fast travel via two distinct methods, and explain the benefits (and limitations) of both.

Fast travel locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 map with Vermund oxcart and portcrystal locations marked
The flags indicate oxcart stations, while the pedestals show portcrystal locations.
Graphic: Polygon | Source images: Capcom via Polygon

There are two ways to fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2: oxcarts and portcrystals. You can only fast travel between specific locations as well. The map above shows the fast travel locations available to you in Vermund, the first region you’ll explore.

How to fast travel between cities with oxcarts

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player sitting in an oxcart Image: Capcom via Polygon

The most straightforward way to fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is to hop on an oxcart. The main benefit of fast traveling with an oxcart is that it’s cheap — 100 or 200 gold per ride.

Oxcarts are limited, though, in that they’ll only leave their stands in the morning — you’ll have to sit and wait at the stand if you get there at any other time of day. They’re also slow. You can doze off while sitting in one, but time still passes in the background. That’s really only a problem when you’ve got a time-sensitive quest, though.

The bigger problem with oxcarts is that there are only two of them in the starting region of Vermund, and they only travel to three towns — Melve, the capital of Vernworth, and the Checkpoint Rest Stop by Battahl. It’s still a good way to get across the kingdom relatively quickly, though.

Your oxcart also might (and, in our experience, will) get attacked by monsters. That’ll disrupt your ride, but you can hop right back on once the baddies are dealt with — assuming you don’t accidentally destroy the oxcart in the fray. If you do happen to destroy the oxcart, you’ll just have to finish your trip on foot.

How to fast travel to portcrystals with ferrystones

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player activating the portcrystal in Vernworth Image: Capcom via Polygon

The other method of fast travel is actually fast: teleporting with portcrystals. Teleportation is obviously faster than oxen, but it, too, is severely limited.

To use a portcrystal, you first have to find one and activate it. There are two in Vermund — one in Vernworth and one in Harve Village (as noted in the map at the top of this post). Once a portcrystal is activated, it becomes a fast travel destination — and that’s it. You can’t interact with them beyond activating them.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 player using a ferrystone Image: Capcom via Polygon

To travel to a portcrystal, you’ll need to use a ferrystone. These are pretty rare items that you’ll find in out-of-the-way treasure chests or receive as quest rewards. You can also buy them from some vendors for 10,000 gold.

You might also come across a portcrystal as an item — you’ll get one as a reward during the “A Trial of Archery” quest in Sacred Arbor, for example. These are reusable items that you can place and pick up as you need. They act as portable portcrystals, meaning you still need a ferrystone to reach them. For quests that require a ton of backtracking, like the series of nigh-inscrutable sphinx riddles, these portcrystals are some of the most valuable time-saving tools at your disposal.

You can have 10 of these non-fixed portcrystals active at a time, but they are also extremely rare. (Sensing a trend yet?) In our travels, we’ve found four portcrystal items from three quests, plus two additionally from exploration. For details on how to get more portcrystals, consult our guide on where to find portcrystals, in which we also tell you the best locations to place them in.

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