How to finish ‘The Whisper’ and get Whisper of the Worm in Destiny 2

How to finish ‘The Whisper’ and get Whisper of the Worm in Destiny 2

The Whisper,” one of the best missions in Destiny history, is finally back in Destiny 2 as part of Into the Light after a multi-year hiatus. It’s brought with it a fully craftable version of the Whisper of the Worm Exotic sniper rifle.

In this Destiny 2 guide, we’ll walk you through how to complete “The Whisper” and nab the pattern for Whisper of the Worm. Whether this is your first time venturing into “The Whisper” or it’s just been too damn long for you to remember which path you’re supposed to take, we’ve got you covered.

How to start ‘The Whisper’ in Destiny 2

A map of the Moon in Destiny 2, showing the location of Eris Morn Graphic: Ryan Gilliam, Image: Bungie via Polygon

Having “The Whisper” back is great. But what’s even better is how Bungie has tweaked how you actually start the quest. Gone are the days of chasing Public Events on Io (a planet that’s sadly still missing from the game). Now you just need to talk to Eris to kick things off.

Jet over to the Moon and chat with her. She’ll give you the “Whispers of the Past” quest. From there, all you need to do is open up the “Into the Light” menu on the Director and select “The Whisper.”

Completing the Exotic mission earns you the pattern for Whisper of the Worm.

‘The Whisper’ walkthrough in Destiny 2

A Guardian runs forward on the path in The Whisper mission in Destiny 2 Image: Bungie via Polygon

When you load up “The Whisper,” you’ll find yourself at the end of the old Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector. You’ll quickly notice you have a 40-minute timer when you start (20 minutes if you’re on the Legend mode). When that timer is up, you and your fireteam will get the boot back to orbit and you’ll need to start again.

Move forward and look straight ahead. You’ll see a little Vex cube in the distance. Shoot it to create some platforms. Follow the path to a Taken Blight. Destroy it and then drop down the hole.

Follow the path forward, crouching to get through the smaller areas. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a massive room. Stick to the right side and the red lights. Jump down the wall and watch out for the pinball levers ejecting to your right. Follow the red lights across the room’s platforms until you hit the center block.

A Guardian jumps around the corner in The Whisper mission Graphic: Ryan Gilliam, Image: Bungie via Polygon

From here, there isn’t a clear exit. Walk forward, past the glowing cracks and toward the room’s left wall — which should be directly in front of you when you land. You’ll need to jump around the corner here, to your right.

Duck and start making your way through the crevice, waiting for the blocks to move back into the wall. Be patient here and don’t rush, keeping in mind that — for internet reasons — the bumpers might move differently for you than for your other fireteam members. Take each block one at a time until you reach the other side.

After the blocks, look left and jump across the canyon to the cliff face with the spheres on it. Follow the path right until you reach a small, square elevator. Jump on and ride the square up to the next platform, which should be red and right in front of you. Run forward along the wall and turn immediately left into the white hallway.

Walk through the diamond-shaped room and jump through the diamond hole. Jump onto the ledges in the long room ahead of you, waiting for their push explosion to erupt before moving forward. Take out the Taken Vandals as you wait. Jump across the room, avoiding the explosions until you reach the wall with the white light. The door will open and shut, so time your jump into the room.

A map showing which portal to enter in Destiny 2’s The Whisper Graphic: Ryan Gilliam, Image: Bungie via Polygon

Xol will begin speaking to you about drifting as you enter the portal room. Jump to your right and hug the wall. Ignore all the portals until you reach the very end of the right wall. Take the final top portal and drop into the room below.

A map showing The Whisper shortcut in Destiny 2 Graphic: Ryan Gilliam, Image: Bungie via Polygon

The Green Room as it’s called can be very complex if you try to go the long way, but there’s a hidden shortcut here that can shave multiple minutes off your clear time. Turn to your right and crouch into the rubble. You’ll find a crack here, between the rocks. Climb in and look for an opening in the wall (not one of the pits in the ground) that leads to a big cylinder.

Jump onto the cylinder’s edge and walk along the side. You’ll reach what looks like a diving board. Look far out and down to see the opening in front of you. It’s a long jump, so be sure to save your jump power until you’re close to the bottom. Once you safely land, move forward and crouch under the high ceiling.

How to defeat Tulgorh, Aspect of Agony, in Destiny 2

The Guardian takes on some wizards and an ogre in Destiny 2 Image: Bungie via Polygon

This is where the combat begins. You’ll need to push through multiple rooms and fully clear them all to proceed.

Once you reach the boss arena, clear the area, then shoot the Vex cubes to summon the mini-bosses. Kill them to summon the real boss, a big Taken Ogre: Tulgorh, Aspect of Agony. Kill the Wizards to lower the boss’ shield, then take it down for good.

Once all four bosses are dead, walk to the chest that spawns on the edge and you’ll receive the Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper rifle pattern.

Head back to Eris to get the first step in the weekly “Whispers of the Taken” quest, which you’ll need to do to upgrade your Whisper of the Worm.