How to get a Stormblood (Eureka) relic weapon in FFXIV

How to get a Stormblood (Eureka) relic weapon in FFXIV

Each of the Final Fantasy 14 expansions has its own special glowing weapon, referred to as relic weapons, and Stormblood is no exception. The Stormblood weapons are linked to The Forbidden Land, Eureka, a field operations duty, somewhat similar to Bozja (the content you have to do for a Shadowbringers relic weapon).

Before you start, you should know that you can only make Eurekan weapons for jobs that were released in Stormblood or prior to it — that means no Dancer chakrams, Gunbreaker gunblades, Sage nouliths, or Reaper scythes (or any other new job weapon that launches after I post this guide).

Also keep in mind that you have to do all these steps for the weapon you want, and you need the weapon from the previous step to get the next one. This means, if you want a Pyros Grimoire for Summoner, you need to do the grind for the Elemental Grimoire and the Lemegeton Anemos book before that. Even if you have, say, a completed Red Mage rapier, if you want the Summoner weapon, you will need to start the crystal-farming process from the beginning (though you won’t have to level or do the story-relevant bits again).

You’ll also need to be careful to never discard your weapon. You cannot get the weapon back without having to redo the entire process. If you want a lower-tier version of your weapon for glam, but you’ve already upgraded it to the next step, you can buy level 1 replicas from Staelhundr at Kugane’s Pier #1.

You can do Eureka and this process on the free trial, but the social restrictions associated with free trial accounts can make this tough, since you can’t use shout chat nor can you make a party. You can still make it work, though!

If you’re looking to backtrack and get a Eurekan weapon to use as glamour (as that’s the only use for them now — they are heavily outdated and there are many stronger weapons in the game), then we’re here to help you.

Step 1: How to get your Antiquated weapon

This is barely a step because you very likely might already have this weapon. Either way, follow these steps to get the Antiquated weapon, which is the base of your relic:

  1. Reach level 70 in the combat job you want the relic for.
  2. Complete your job quests. You will get this weapon as a reward for the level 70 job quest.

That’s it!

If you already completed your level 70 job quest, you likely either have the Antiquated weapon somewhere in storage or you got rid of it. If you did indeed get rid of it, you can get a replacement from the Calamity Salvager NPCs in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, or Ul’dah. (This is the only step you can reclaim from the salvager. Again, if you get rid of your purple relic weapon after upgrading past this point, you will need to do the steps again.)

Eureka, quickly explained

You’ll benefit from an understanding of how Eureka works before I get into it. Here’s a summary:

  • In Eureka, you have an elemental level that grows only while you’re in one of the instances of Eureka. Monsters also have an elemental level. Pay attention to this, as monsters many levels higher than you will bop you, potentially killing you in one shot.
  • If you die in Eureka and choose to revive back at camp, you’ll lose EXP and can even decrease in elemental level. If a player raises you, you won’t lose EXP, so don’t be shy about using shout chat to ask for a resurrection. (You can send your exact coordinates by typing “<pos>” in the chat.)
  • A new elemental UI will appear on your screen. You will want to rotate the glyph by using the UI so that the element you are currently using is strong against the element of the monster you are fighting. (For example, you’ll set lightning if you’re fighting a water monster.) The UI will tell you what the elemental strengths are. You’ll eventually gain more points so you can set up offensive and defensive elements.
  • Chaining monsters (defeating one after another within a time period) will increase your EXP gains further and increase the drop rate for whatever the monster may drop. You can chain up to 30 times before it resets.
  • Eureka has unique FATEs that reward required materials for relics called Notorious Monsters (NMs). Many players in shout chat will call out NMs. Players defeating related monsters nearby will cause these monsters to spawn, though some have specific weather or time requirements. NMs are the best way to farm materials and EXP in Eureka.
  • While doing NMs, players will typically shout a pull time (PT) associated with the timer on the monster. This indicates when they are going to pull and start fighting – sometimes, these monsters go down very quickly – so if you need the group to wait up, then shout that you’re not at the monster yet.
  • While you will get EXP for doing NMs above your level, you will only get the physical rewards (be it boss drops or other goodies) from the NM if you’re one level below it (or at its level/higher). For example, you’ll need to be at least level 19 to get drops from the level 20 Pazuzu Notorious Monster.
  • Each area has “elemental fairies” that will appear in randomized locations. Standing near one of these and allowing it to cast a spell on you will yield an attack and EXP buff for an hour, so you should take advantage of these.

Since NMs can only pop once every two hours, there’s a tracking website for the instances, but you’ll need to ask another player if anyone has been using the tracker to predict which NMs can pop.

Two FFXIV players stand in the lava-filled area of Eureka Pyros Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Being frank, Eureka is pretty unpleasant if you try to run it solo, so you’ll likely need to party up with other people in the instance. As mentioned, lots of players use shout chat to help people find their way and you should not feel shy about asking any questions in chat.

Step 2: How to get your Anemos Weapon

Now the real relic weapon grind begins!

What you need to know about Eureka Anemos

Eureka Anemos is fairly simple in comparison to the next areas and it’ll help you get used to the process.

In Eureka Anemos, you’ll need to take down monsters and NMs to farm Protean Crystals for your weapon. As you level up, you can also take down the previously mentioned Notorious Monsters, which will drop Anemos Crystals. You can trade these crystals into Gerolt to get a random amount of Protean Crystals (2-5 Proteans per Anemos), making NMs a fast way to collect crystals quickly.

As you level up through Eureka, Krile will also have quests for you to complete, which you have to do to unlock the next areas. She’ll task you with going to certain areas and interacting with glowing spots on the ground. Most of these locations don’t get marked by quest markers on the map, so we’ve mapped them out for you.

A map of Eureka Anemos in FFXIV Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Square Enix

You will also need to hit level 9 in order to unlock the Aethernet Shards around the map, so traversing Anemos can be tough for a little bit.

Anemos relic weapon steps

To get your Anemos weapon, you need to do the following:

  1. Complete the main scenario quest “Stormblood.”
  2. Complete the quest “And We Shall Call it Eureka” to unlock Eureka.
  3. Head into Eureka Anemos by talking to Rodney at Kugane’s Pier #1.
  4. Kill low-level monsters towards the east of the starting area until you get a Protean Crystal.
  5. Talk to Krile once you get the first crystal and then talk to Gerolt to unlock the weapon upgrades system.
  6. Collect 100 Protean Crystals by killing monsters in Eureka Anemos and turn them into Gerolt for your weapon. You will need to give him your Antiquated weapon in addition to the crystals (and you’ll need to keep giving him your weapon to upgrade further).
  7. Collect another 400 Protean Crystals and turn them in to Gerolt to get the +1 enhancement of your weapon.
  8. Collect yet another 800 Protean Crystals and give them to Gerolt to get the +2 enhancement of your weapon.
  9. Collect 3 Pazuzu’s Feathers by either completing the NM “Wail in the Willows” or by trading Protean Crystals (300 for one) to the Expedition Birdwatcher at base. “Wail in the Willows” can reward up to three feathers per clear.
  10. Turn in the feathers to Getolt to get your Anemos weapon.

That’s a lot of grinding just for one step, but this is the relic weapon grind you signed up for!

A FFXIV Viera holds up a completed Anemos rapier Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Before you can move on to Pagos, you’ll need to be at least elemental level 17 and you’ll also need to complete all of Krile’s requests. Make sure you do this before saying goodbye to Anemos!

Step 3: How to get your Elemental (Pagos) weapon

The steps for Pagos are pretty similar to Anemos. You should be pretty settled in Eureka by now, but get ready for more grinding.

What to know about Eureka Pagos

I recommend being at least level 20 before beginning this portion, even though the minimum level is 17. You can get around Pagos if you have friends or kind adventurers carrying you at 17, but you’ll be able to progress without risking too much death once you reach level 20.

Pagos has a few differences from Anemos: There are caves that you can only access by jumping down cliffs from the northern half of the map and there are high-level sleeping dragons that you need to walk around in order to avoid waking them up. Make sure to have your walking/running toggle binded to a button or key before proceeding.

Pagos also introduces bunnies, little companions who will start following you after you do some specific rabbit-themed FATEs. They’ll lead you to treasure hidden around Pagos.

Unlike Anemos, the crystals you get from NMs and monsters aren’t fully solidified. They go into a kettle, which you can view where your quests and duty information are displayed. Your kettle can hold up to nine crystals and you have to go to a Crystal Forge (in a cave at 6.1, 21.5) to convert the energy into Frosted Protean Crystals. You’ll also still get Pagos Crystals from NMs, which you also need to upgrade your weapon.

Again, there are quests for Krile that are unmarked on the map, and Aethernet Shards are locked behind specific levels. We’ve marked this out on the map below. We’ve also marked the bunny FATEs, so you know where to find them (or ignore them).

A map of Eureka Pagos in FFXIV Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Square Enix

Elemental (Pagos) relic weapon steps

To claim your Pagos weapon, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Talk to Rodney again in Kugane’s Pier #1 to unlock Eureka Pagos.
  2. Talk to Krile to complete quests around Pagos, just like in Anemos.
  3. Hit elemental level 25 via chaining monsters or NMs and talk to Krile and then Gerolt to actually unlock the relic weapon upgrade system for Pagos.
  4. Take down more NMs to fill your kettle. When your kettle is full, head to the Crystal Forge and turn it into a Frosted Protean Crystal. Make sure you do this frequently, as any overflow will be wasted.
  5. Turn in 5 Frosted Protean Crystals to Gerolt for your Pagos weapon. You will also need to turn in your Anemos weapon alongside the crystals (and you will need to continue turning in the weapon alongside the crystals for further upgrades).
  6. Earn Pagos Crystals (which you may have already been earning) from killing NMs in Pagos. Higher-leveled NMs will drop more crystals, so you do want to level and take these on.
  7. Turn in 10 more Frosted Protean Crystals and 500 Pagos Crystals to get your Pagos +1 weapon.
  8. Turn in 16 Frosted Protean Crystals and 5 Louhi’s Ice for your Elemental weapon. You can get up to two of these from each clear of the NM “Louhi on Ice” or by trading 50 Pagos Crystals to the Expedition Birdwatcher.

You do need to hit level 35 in Pagos before you’re able to move on to Pyros, so if you plan on continuing your relic, make sure to do this before you leave (and also keep talking to Krile).

A FFXIV Viera casts a spell with an Elemental rapier Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Step 4: How to get your Pyros weapon

Yep, you know the drill. You’re back at the bottom rung in a new area.

What to know about Eureka Pyros

Pyros introduces something new with it: Logos Actions, which are unique combat skills you can use while in Pyros. The initial quest will tell you how to unlock Logos, but if you skipped through it, you’ll need to get Logograms and take them to Drake at camp. He’ll open your Logograms for you, which will yield random Mnemes inside.

You can combine these Mnemes at the Logos Manipulator to make different Logos Actions. For example, combining “Shell,” “Protect,” and “Wisdom of the Ordained” will give you a “Reflect” Logos Action. Notably, using a “Wisdom of the Platebearer” Mneme to get the Logos Action of the same name will help players new to the area avoid instant death from strong enemies and is highly recommended for solo play.

Once you do the level 45 quest in Pyros from Krile, you’ll be able to carry two Logos with you at once.

You can find Logograms from specific enemies, NMs, and bunny treasure. (Remember the rabbits in Pagos? They’re actually worth doing now!) You can also just straight-up buy Logograms from the marketboard to save yourself the hassle, if you have the gil.

As usual, here’s a map of Pyros, complete with Krile’s quest locations, Aethernet Shard level requirements, and bunny FATE locations:

A map of Eureka Pyros in FFXIV Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Square Enix

Pyros doesn’t have the horrible cliffs from Pagos, but does still have sleeping dragons, so be careful.

Pyros relic weapon steps

To get your Pyros weapon, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. After reaching elemental level 35 and finishing Krile’s Pagos quests, talk to Rodney at Kugane’s Pier #1 to unlock Eureka Pyros. Talk to him again to head inside.
  2. Talk to Krile and complete her quests to unlock the Logos system.
  3. Unlock 10 different Logos actions to unlock Gerolt’s weapon upgrade process.
  4. Trade in 150 Pyros Crystals to get your Elemental +1 weapon upgrade. You can get Pyros Crystals by killing NMs, similarly to Pagos. You will need to give him your Elemental weapon to upgrade (and you will need to continue turning in your weapon alongside the crystals for further upgrades).
  5. Unlock 20 total different Logos actions and trade in 200 more Pyros Crystals to get your Elemental +2 weapon upgrade.
  6. Unlock 30 total different Logos actions and trade in another 300 Pyros Crystals and 5 Penthesilea’s Flames to get your Pyros weapon. You can get up to three Penthesilea’s Flames from completing the NM “Lost Epic” or by trading 50 Pyros Crystals to the Expedition Birdwatcher.

You will likely hit level 50 — the max for Pyros — before you even finish your weapon. At level 50, you can unlock Hydatos, the final area, so long as you complete Krile’s quests.

A Viera poses with a completed Pyros rapier in FFXIV Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Step 5: How to get your Eureka (Hydatos) weapon

This is the last step if you’re here for glamour. It’s effectively just farming NMs, which isn’t too bad.

What you need to know about Eureka Hydatos

Hydatos is pretty much the culmination of the past areas, while also being a bit easier. For one, the map is flat and makes it easy to navigate swarms of enemies. You also won’t come across sleeping dragons that you have to tiptoe around.

For the most part, Hydatos is chill. You’ll get Hydatos Crystals from doing NMs, so that’s pretty much all you have to do here. Hydatos is also home to the Baldesion Arsenal (BA), a dungeon within the duty.

There are two special NMs that will pop up that do not spawn from defeating monsters: Ovni, who appears during Umbral Turbulence and Tristitia, who only appears when players are progressing through the Baldesion Arsenal. To put it simply, defeating Ovni will spawn portals that players can use to enter BA. Tristitia will appear during a BA run, allowing more players to jump into the dungeon, giving further support to the players. Tristitia also notably drops a whopping 30 Hydatos Crystals, making it a must-complete when it’s up, even if you don’t want to go into BA. I won’t get further into BA for this section, since you do not need to do BA to complete this step.

As usual, here’s a map of Krile’s invisible quest locations, the Aethernet Shard level requirements, and the bunny FATE location:

A map of Eureka Hydatos in FFXIV Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Square Enix

Eureka (Hydatos) relic weapon steps

To get your Eureka weapon, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Talk to Rodney at Kugane’s Pier #1 to unlock Eureka Hydatos and talk to him again to head inside.
  2. Talk to Krile and Gerolt to unlock the Eureka weapon upgrade system for this zone.
  3. Collect 50 Hydatos Crystals and turn them into Gerolt to get your Hydatos weapon. Just like the previous weapons, you’ll also need to hand over your Pyros weapon to do this (and you should expect to keep handing your weapon over to upgrade it).
  4. Collect another 100 Hydatos Crystals and give them to Gerolt to get your Hydatos +1 weapon.
  5. Collect yet another 100 Hydatos Crystals and fork them over to Gerolt to get your Eureka weapon.
  6. Grab another 100 Hydatos Crystals and 5 Crystalline Scales and give them to Gerolt to get your finished Eureka weapon. You can get up to 3 Crystalline Scales each time you complete the NM “Crystalline Provenance.” The birdwatcher does not trade crystals for scales, so you have to do the NM.

Note that if you are just doing this for glamour, you can stop here. You did it! Upgrading your weapon to Physeos only results in an elemental stat raise, so there’s not a reason to do this unless you plan on spending more time in Eureka.

A FFXIV Viera stands in Eureka Hydatos with a completed Eureka weapon Image: Square Enix via Polygon

If that did not deter you, then let’s keep going!

Step 6: How to get your Physeos weapon

If you do want to upgrade to a Physeos weapon (which again, has no effect on appearance), then you’ll need to run the Baldesion Arsenal. This is a dungeon within the field operation, as previously mentioned.

To upgrade your weapon to a Physeos weapon, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Hit elemental level 60 and complete Krile’s quests.
  2. Unlock access to the Baldesion Arsenal by talking to the Expedition Scholar at the base camp.
  3. Turn in 100 Eureka Fragments (obtained from treasure chests in the Baldesion Arsenal) to Gerolt, alongside your Eurekan weapon, to get your Physeos weapon.

While this sounds easy, completing a run of the Baldesion Arsenal rewards you with 28 Eureka Fragments, meaning you will need to fully complete the dungeon at least four times to upgrade your weapon. Completing the Baldesion Arsenal will also give you the “We’re on Your Side I” achievement, which rewards you with the Demi-Ozma mount!

A Viera gleefully sits atop the Demi-Ozma mount in FFXIV Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Again, this might not sound that hard, but since Eureka is old content, you cannot just join a BA run all willy-nilly. Luckily, there are tons of very kind veteran players out there leading scheduled Baldesion Arsenal runs. Here are just a few of the Discord servers for some of these groups:

I used The Help Lines, which has scheduled runs for both beginners and for folks just looking to repeatedly clear and farm fragments. The beginner run had in depth explanations of different mechanics and how to handle specific situations. It wasn’t just a matter of being carried through the content, the people leading the group made sure the players knew why they were doing certain things, which was great. (I did have to join a Discord call for this, but I didn’t have to talk.)

And that’s all she wrote. While you can stick around in the various Eureka areas to hunt down rare items from NMs or make Eurekan armor, you are now free from Eureka. You can leave and return to your normal life… or you could start it all from the beginning again to make a different weapon!