How to get and farm ore in Palworld

How to get and farm ore in Palworld

When you hit a certain point in Palworld, you’ll need lots of ore to make ingots. While ore deposits are littered around the world in various places, there are a few places containing tons of ore deposits that are worth revisiting.

Notably, ore deposits respawn, so you can set up can set up a base near these deposits and set your Pals to mine it for you automatically, though you’ll need some higher-leveled Pals to do so.

Below, we explain where to find ore in Palworld.

Best ore farming locations in Palworld

To farm ore, you just need any pickaxe. A higher tier pickaxe will farm it faster, but you can farm ore even with the starter pickaxe.

The first location we like is above the Desolate Church, seen here in the map below:

A map showing where to find an ore deposit farm in Palworld near a church Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Pocketpair

The second place we like is a bit north of the Chillet boss:

A map showing where to find an ore deposit in Palworld in a grasslands Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Pocketpair

As you can see, we’ve already set up camps to make the most of the area. But if you don’t want to set up camp here, you can also just farm the ore and carry it back. Also, if you’re worried about carrying too much weight, you can have pals like Cattiva or Broncherry to increase your carry capacity.

There may be more ore deposits in Palworld, but these are the ones we found that are fairly accessible immediately.

Best pals to help farm ore in Palworld

In order to help you farm ore, Pals need their mining skills to be at least level two. Pals like Digtoise (which can be found in the central desert area) can help with this.

The desert area in question is below:

A map showing where to find Digtoise in Palworld Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Pocketpair

As seen in the above map, you can also find Digtoise in a far northern area, but the desert is going to be much more accessible at early parts of the game. You will need heat-resistant gear for the desert, though.

Some other Pals like Penking also have level two mining, but since Penking also has many other skills — like watering, handiwork, transporting, and cooling — it gets distracted and does other tasks a lot. We found it best to use a Pal that only has mining capabilities, like Digtoise.

Palworld ore recipes

Ore is not particularly useful on its own in Palworld. Instead, you’ll need to build a primitive furnace (20 wood, 50 stone, 3 flame organs) and have a flame Pal to light its fire. With the furnace, you can turn 2 ore into 1 ingot. And ingots are what you’re really after.

Ingots are used in all sorts of metal gear and several new workbenches. You’ll also need to turn ingots into nails at a primitive workbench to build many of them. Use those nails to build a high quality workbench (15 ingots, 50 wood, 10 nails) that you’ll need for most of your new metal gear.

Ingots (and nails) let you make weapons like:

  • Meat cleaver — 5 ingots, 20 wood, 5 stone
  • Metal pickaxe — 15 stone, 20 wood, 5 ingots
  • Metal axe — 15 stone, 20 wood, 5 ingots
  • Metal spear — 27 wood, 12 stone, 10 ingots
  • Stun baton — 20 ingots, 20 electric organs
  • Crossbow — 50 wood, 40 stone, 10 ingots, 5 nails

You can also make metal armor (30 ingots, 10 leather, 5 cloth) along with its heat and cold resistant variations.

The mega sphere (1 paldium fragment, 1 ingot, 5 wood, 5 stone), and improved pal sphere, requires ingots as well, but can only be crafted at a sphere workbench (10 paldium fragments, 30 wood, 10 nails).

Once you unlock the weapon workbench (15 ingots, 50 wood, 10 nails), you’ll need ingots for all the firearms.

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