How to get Focus Activity Packages in Destiny 2

How to get Focus Activity Packages in Destiny 2

Focus Activity Packages are a new addition to Destiny 2, and only active during the Guardian Games holiday event, which runs from March 5-26. In order to get these special chests, you’ll need to compete in the new Focus Activity playlists to contribute to your class’ overall score and reach certain thresholds.

Opening three of these packages is the second fastest way to get the awesome new Skimmer hoverboard vehicle, the Allstar Vector. But there’s a catch: Focus Activities are only available every handful of hours in Destiny 2 and only last for a limited amount of time.

In this Destiny 2: Guardian Games 2024 guide, we’ll teach you how to earn Focus Activity Packages so you can pick up an Exotic Skimmer of your own.

When do Focus Activity playlists appear in Destiny 2?

A Guardian waits patiently for the Focus Activity to return in Destiny 2’s Guardian Games Image: Bungie via Polygon

Focus Activity playlists tend to appear every four hours. When active, you’ll see a special white line under the active playlist and a timer denoting how much time you have left until the playlist returns to normal.

During weekdays (Mon-Thurs), you’ll only have two hours to play as many Nightfalls, Gambit matches, or Supremacy matches as possible (depending on which of those three are featured). And over the weekend (Fri-Sun), you’ll have three hours of Focus Activity time before the playlist returns to normal.

How to open Focus Activity Packages in Destiny 2

A look at the Focus Activity standings in Destiny 2’s Guardian Games Image: Bungie via Polygon

While playing in the Focus Activity playlist, you’ll earn points depending on how well you perform, which will contribute to an overall pool of points that you share with your classmates. The Guardian Games is a competition to see which of the three classes are the best, so you’ll lock your earnings into whichever class you start the Focus playlist with. So if you start as a Titan for one match and then swap to a Warlock, all points you earn will still go toward Team Titan.

Each Focus Activity window has three thresholds, and your class can unlock bronze, silver, or gold depending on how you all do — the higher your tier, the better loot you’ll receive. Once your class achieves a new tier, all you need to do to claim the Package is run an activity in that Guardian Games playlist and complete it. The rewards from the Package will drop alongside the other rewards from the activity.

You can also open a Champions Package if your class has the highest score at the end of the Focus Activity. This chest will reward you with a Medallion Case full of medals (sans Diamond medals), so you can give your class a massive Guardian Games ranking boost. Just make sure that you’re wearing the Guardian Games class item when you compete in the Focus Activity playlist, otherwise you’ll be ineligible for any package rewards.

Opening a Package counts toward Eva’s “Drop In” quest, which is the one you’ll need to complete if you want to unlock the permanent, Exotic version of the Allstar Vector, the new Skimmer vehicle.