How to get Hefty Fire Pots and Hefty Furnace Pots in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get Hefty Fire Pots and Hefty Furnace Pots in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Hefty Fire Pots and Hefty Furnace Pots are items in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and they have one primary purpose: taking down Furnace Golems, which itself bequeaths Crystal Tears.

Getting your hands on them isn’t particularly straightforward though, especially the latter, which are considerably more powerful.

This Elden Ring guide will explain how to find the recipe books you need, the ingredients and where to get them — including Furnace Visage — and how to use Hefty Fire and Furnace Pots when you do have them.

Where to find the Hefty Fire Pot and Hefty Furnace Pot recipes

To find the recipe books for both the Hefty Fire Pot and the Hefty Furnace Pot, you need two different Greater Potentate’s Cookbooks. Thankfully, both are quite straightforward to find early in the DLC, and don’t require killing any tough foes.

Scorched Ruins on the map in Elden Ring Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

The Hefty Fire Pot recipe is from Greater Potentate’s Cookbook [1], which can be found in the Scorched Ruins, which is likely the first landmark you’ll encounter in Shadow of the Erdtree.

As you’re facing north, you’ll see a corpse on some stairs, with a few of the weak shadow enemies in the vicinity. Kill them then loot the corpse for the first recipe book. This will give you the recipe for the Hefty Fire Pot. (While you are in the Scorched Ruins, a useful talisman, the Blade of Mercy, is very close by.)

The Hefty Furnace Pot recipe is from Greater Potentate’s Cookbook [2], and you’ll have to get past the first Furnace Golem in Gravesite Plain to find it. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to defeat it first.)

Skirt around the edge to avoid getting its attention and on the far side you’ll find the Three-Path Cross site of grace. To the north-east is the Ellac Greatbridge, but if you instead take the path that runs underneath, you’ll find the Greater Potentate’s Cookbook [2] on at the Run-Down Traveler’s Rest directly beneath the bridge.

How to craft the Hefty Fire Pot and Hefty Furnace Pot

There is one key ingredient both hefty pots require before you can craft them: Hefty Cracked Pots. Much like standard pots in the base game, the more Hefty Cracked Pots you have, the more Hefty Fire and Furnace Pots you can craft and hold in one go. These aren’t easy to come by, but there is one area in Shadow of the Erdtree where you can find three fairly early on.

  • From the aforementioned Three-Path Cross site of grace, head north-west across a lake to find the entrance to Belurat Gaol. This is a fairly tricky location with only one site of grace at the very top, so play cautiously and watch out for the new jar-based enemies. Eventually, you’ll find a hole in the ground where you must descend by jumping from one hanging jar to another. You’ll spot a wooden platform below — jump onto that before making it to the ground to find the first Hefty Cracked Pot.
  • After this section, you’ll fight across a bridge and when crossing the next path, the floor beneath you will give way and drop you into a maze made out of jars. There are plenty of enemies hidden behind corners here, but head to the north-west corner of the maze, climb upon the first level of jars, and you’ll find corpses with two Hefty Cracked Pots next to one another.

The only other ingredients you need to craft Hefty Fire Pots are Redflesh Mushrooms, which are everywhere in Shadow of the Erdtree, and Black Pyreflies, which are slightly less frequent but still fairly common. Look out for black versions of the Smoldering Butterflies from the base game. If you need to farm them, there’s a small alleyway on the ground floor of the Scorched Ruins where one will spawn every time you rest at the nearby site of grace.

How to get Ember of Messmer and Furnace Visages for Hefty Furnace Pots

For the Hefty Furnace Pots in particular, you will need Ember of Messmer (which is exclusively found in the Scadu Altus region, which you can begin exploring after Castle Ensis) and a Furnace Visage, which are primarily acquired by defeating Furnace Golems, so you must take down at least one using just standard attacks and Hefty Fire Pots first.

You’ll receive one Furnace Visage per Furnace Golem killed, so they are limited in number. However, you can also find some Furnace Visages dotted throughout the world as specific loot, most notably on dead Furnace Golems when you encounter them. There is one you can find in a chest too, located in the jail in Fort of Reprimand, guarded by some soldiers.

How to use Hefty Fire Pots and Hefty Furnace Pots

As explained in our how to beat Furnace Golems explainer, these pots must be thrown into the basket of a Furnace Golem to deal damage. If you’re fighting one from above then you can do this mid-fight, but if you’re taking one on at ground level, you must attack its legs or deal enough ranged damage to the weak spot on its face to make it fall over. From there, you can throw the pots into the basket.

If you’re still starting out in the Realm of Shadow, our what to do first guide can useful early points of interest — including Scadutree Fragments, DLC armor, and DLC weapons.