How to get linen in Enshrouded

How to get linen in Enshrouded

Linen is an incredibly useful resource in Enshrouded’s mid-game. It’s made from flax, a flower you’ll find in Embervale’s northern Revelwood region.

Our Enshrouded guide will explain how to craft linen and how to farm flax.

Where to find the Hunter’s hand spindle in Enshrouded

Enshrouded map showing the location of the Abandoned Hunter Camp where you’ll find the hand spindle Image: Keen Games via Polygon

Before you can craft any linen in Enshrouded, you’ll need to complete “The Hunter’s Hand Spindle” quest. Once you retrieve the Hunter’s hand spindle from the spider-filled cave to the north of the Ancient Spire — Revelwood Fast Travel tower, you’ll be able to place the new workbench in your base.

Where to find flax in Enshrouded

Enshrouded player collecting flax in the Revelwood biome Image: Keen Games via Polygon

Linen is crafted at the Hunter’s hand spindle with 2 flax. Flax looks like tall blue flowers. You’ll find it scattered around the Revelwood biome, but several of the villages through the region have flax farms as well. To get as much as you need, though, you’ll be better off setting up your own farm.

How to farm flax in Enshrouded

Farming in Enshrouded is a multi-step process. You’ll also need both the Farmer and the Alchemist in your base, and a grinding stone (10 flintstone and 15 stone) from the Alchemist.

Start by making bonemeal from animal bones at the grinding stone. Take that to the Farmer to make farm soil (7 dirt and 3 bonemeal). Once you have enough, have the Farmer craft you a seedbed (10 wood logs, 2 metal scraps, and 10 farm soil).

Enshrouded player interacting with a seedbed Image: Keen Games via Polygon

With the seedbed placed (inside or outside — it doesn’t matter), you can select a recipe for seedlings. For flax, you’ll need 2 water and 1 flax for every 10 flax seedlings you produce.

Enshrouded player planting flax seedlings Image: Keen Games via Polygon

Once you have some seedlings, take them outside and plant them in the ground. An in-game day or two later, they’ll grow flowers and you can harvest them. With just a little work (and a bit of patience), you can turn a couple flax you find in the wild into a full farm of them that will keep you supplied with linen for as long as you need.

How to get linen in Enshrouded

Head to the hand spindle with some of your newly harvested flax, and you’ll be able to turn 2 flax into 1 linen.

How to use linen in Enshrouded

Linen is in just about every recipe important in Enshrouded’s mid-game. You’ll need it for the medium backpack expansion, the advanced glider, and the bronze axe. It’s required for the Blacksmith’s Valiant Shield and Hero’s Shield. It’s also used in every one of the Blacksmith’s, Alchemist’s, and Hunter’s mid-game armor sets like the Hunter, Sharpshooter, Ranger, Magician, Healer, Mercenary, Tank, and Adventurer Sets.

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