How to increase carrying capacity in Nightingale

How to increase carrying capacity in Nightingale

In Nightingale, you’ve always got 75 inventory slots available, but you’ll become weighed down if you carry more than 50kg of stuff in those slots. That’s not a lot of capacity, especially when you’re trying to collect stuff to build up your estate.

Our Nightingale guide to increasing your carrying capacity will explain all the steps you need to take to double your carrying capacity.

How to increase carrying capacity in Nightingale

Increasing your carrying capacity with a backpack in Nightingale doesn’t add any inventory slots, but it does increase the weight you can carry before becoming weighed down. You have to take a lot of steps before you can craft one, though:

  • Use a hunting knife to collect hides from animals
  • Build a tanning station and sewing bench
  • Craft a simple pack

Let’s go through each step.

Craft a hunting knife

Before anything else, you’ll need to start getting hides from the animals you hunt (or the animals that attack you). To do that, you’ll need a hunting knife that lets your harvest resources from their bodies.

Nightingale using a hunting knife to collect hides Image: Inflexion Games via Polygon

A makeshift hunting knife takes 3 rocks, 3 sticks, and 6 plant fibre. If you want to upgrade that to a simple hunting knife at a simple workbench, you’ll need 1 stone block, 1 wood bundle, and 2 straps. You’ll make straps at the simple tanning station.

Build a simple tanning station

In order to turn animal hides into something more useful, you’ll need a simple tanning station (6 sticks, 10 plant fibre).

Nightingale using a tanning station to craft leather Image: Inflexion Games via Polygon

The first couple things you’ll use it for is making 2 straps from 1 hide (to make better tools like the simple hunting knife) and 1 leather from 2 hides. Just remember that the hides you use to make leather both have to come from either a predator or prey animal — you can’t mix and match (for some reason).

Purchase the simple sewing bench plan from the Essence Trader

Head to your Abeyance realm’s Essence Trader and pick up the simple sewing bench plan for 55 essence. You’ll find it in the Crafting: Basics & Repair section.

To build one in your estate, you’ll need 10 wood bundles and 4 plant fibre. The sewing bench will let you make new gear to wear and improve your gear rating.

Craft the simple pack

Nightingale using a sewing bench to craft a simple pack Image: Inflexion Games via Polygon

At the simple sewing bench, scroll down to Clothing: General. A simple pack requires 2 leather and 6 plant fibres to craft.

Once it’s equipped, your carrying capacity will go from 50kg up to 100kg.