How to play Last Epoch in offline mode

How to play Last Epoch in offline mode

Last Epoch’s offline mode is an awesome option if you’re sick of fighting with the game’s servers. However, the offline mode does create some additional issues for you depending on how you want to play the game.

In this Last Epoch guide, we’ll walk you through what offline mode is and tell you how to play offline.

What is offline mode in Last Epoch?

The character select screen in Last Epoch Image: Eleventh Hour Games

Offline mode in Last Epoch is exactly what it sounds like: It allows you to play the game without needing to connect to the servers. This is awesome when the game’s servers are experiencing instability (as has been common in the immediate wake of its late February 1.0 release). It’s also a useful tool if you find yourself without internet access for a long period of time.

However, offline mode does limit you in some very serious ways. Most notably, offline mode is a permanent decision you make at character creation. You can’t toggle a character online or offline — an offline character is offline forever. That means you can never use that character to play in groups with others.

How to play Last Epoch offline

The Offline Mode screen for Last Epoch Image: Eleventh Hour Games

In terms of activating offline mode, you have two options.

First you can launch the game in offline mode. This is an option you can select when you press “play” on Steam. Playing offline this way means you can bypass the login at the beginning, but you won’t be able to toggle between the two modes without relaunching the game.

The other option is a little more convenient, but requires an internet connection when you first boot up the game. In the character select screen, you’ll see an offline toggle at the top left part of the screen. Simply toggle that switch to “offline” and you’ll see your list of offline characters. If you turn on offline mode this way, you can still use the chat feature in-game to talk to friends — assuming you maintain an internet connection.