How to start New Game Plus in Spider-Man 2 for PS5

How to start New Game Plus in Spider-Man 2 for PS5

New Game Plus came late to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 — finally added on Thursday, March 7, 2024 — but it’s got plenty of new features to get you back into one of 2023’s best games. Not only can you now level up past the original level cap of 60, you can also get new skins for your gadgets and even increase Miles and Peter’s Spidey powers.

In this Spider-Man 2 guide, we’ll walk you through how to start a New Game+ save and all the new features you’ll gain access to.

How to start New Game Plus in Spider-Man 2 on PS5

Peter Parker and Miles Morales sit on the save select screen in Spider-Man 2 Image: Insomniac Games/PlayStation Studios via Polygon

To start New Game+, you’ll need to complete the main campaign for Spider-Man 2. That means beating the final boss and getting the “hey, you beat the game” menu to pop-up. You don’t need to complete all of the side quest missions or get your Spider-Mans to the level cap in order to unlock this feature.

Once you’ve finished the game, head back out to the main menu — the one where you select your save — and you’ll see a new pop-up telling you all about New Game+. When you look at your save list, you’ll notice that some of them have an orange glow and a “+” symbol on the left side. This means they’re eligible to upgrade into New Game+ mode.

To start your new playthrough, hit the square button on your controller and then select the save you want to continue with New Game+. If you have an open save slot, this will actually create a New Game+ save in a new slot rather than replacing your current save with an upgraded one — meaning you can keep both your original save and the NG+ one.

Once you’ve created the save, load it up and you’ll be able to start a new game like normal, only with all of your sweet unlocks and suits already available. Want to use Web Wing before the narrative unlocks it for you? You got it. Dreamed of fighting Sandman in the Symbiote Suit? Check the image at the top of this guide.

What’s in New Game Plus in Spider-Man 2 on PS5

A player selects new upgrades in NG+ for Spider-Man 2 Image: Insomniac Games/PlayStation Studios via Polygon

Most of the upgrades that come with New Game+ are purely cosmetic. However, there are some significant power increases you can get as well, so let’s start with those.

On your first playthrough, there are Suit Tech upgrade nodes that you’ll need to choose between. In the damage category, for example, you’ll need to pick if you want Air Marshal for bonus aerial damage or Focused Parry, which recharges your abilities when you successfully parry someone.

In New Game+, you can have both of those nodes upgraded at the same time. But there’s a catch: upgrading the secondary node is extremely expensive. Like 2,483 Tech Parts, 39 City Tokens, and 54 Hero Tokens levels of expensive. So you can increase your power pretty significantly in your second playthrough, but you’re going to need to earn them during your playthrough.

A player looks at a gold version of the Web Grabber in Spider-Man 2 Image: Insomniac Games/PlayStation Studios via Polygon

As for the cosmetics, you’ll be able to purchase new, golden versions of your gadgets. This is purely to increase your style, as they don’t come with any real benefit. But once you’ve fully upgraded your new Suit Tech options, why not up your gadget styles?

Finally, there are new styles for the Symbiote Suits, and you can unlock them by leveling up beyond level 60. Each new level past 60 is called an “Ultimate Level” and you’ll unlock a new style each time you hit one — a change from the base game, where you purchase all three styles for a suit at the same time.

These are the main reasons to play New Game+, outside of just wanting to experience the Spider-Man 2 campaign again. However, Insomniac Games did add one extra Trophy under the New Game+ section of the menu. It’s called “Once More, With Feeling,” it’s a Silver Trophy, and all you need to do to get it is complete the campaign on NG+.