Lady Gaga’s finally coming to Fortnite

Lady Gaga’s finally coming to Fortnite

Musician, actor, and fashion icon Lady Gaga is coming to Fortnite later this week as part of the famous Fortnite Festival.

On Tuesday, Gaga herself confirmed her long-awaited appearance in Epic Games and Harmonix’s music-focused game mode on X (formerly Twitter), in which she responded to her viral 2019 tweet that read, “What’s fortnight” with the amusing correction “*fortnite.” The new post also features what appears to be an in-game shot of Lady Gaga’s Fortnite model.

Since that tweet went viral nearly five years ago — it has more than 863,000 likes to date — Fortnite fans have lobbied for Lady Gaga to join the battle royale-turned-metaverse game. She’ll join fellow pop artists Marshmello, Travis Scott, Bruno Mars, Eminem, Ariana Grande, and others as part of Fortnite — though it’s not clear yet to what extent Gaga will appear.

Gaga’s tweet about the Fortnite Festival says that she’ll join the game on Feb. 22, which is also the launch date for season 2 of the music mode. It implies that a version of her outfit from the Chromatica album and tour will be part of the game.

Fortnite Festival launched on Dec. 9 with the addition of musician/actor The Weeknd. A variety of artist and instrument skins based on The Weeknd were released at the time as part of Fortnite’s battle pass, and Lady Gaga’s drop will likely follow a similar structure.

The Fortnite Festival component consists of two modes: Main Stage, where players can form a band and play along to tracks a la Harmonix’s Rock Band games; and Jam Stage, where players can remix multiple songs into mashed-up improvisations.