May I direct your attention to these perfect Kirby mini toys at Amazon?

May I direct your attention to these perfect Kirby mini toys at Amazon?

I’m fine with admitting when I’m extremely late to the party on something great, which happens often. The latest thing is Re-Ment’s collection of highly detailed, miniature Kirby collectibles. They’re nothing new, but I recently stumbled upon them, and it has been an awakening for me. I’m not typically swayed by this type of thing, but I simply cannot resist them.

The most appealing set to me is this 6-piece set of decorated words that feature Kirby and other familiar in-game characters and items. With words like “Welcome,” “Cafe,” and one that simply says “Zz,” it makes sense to sprinkle them around the house where you feel they’re most appropriate. Amazon Japan is selling the set for $45.27 with free shipping to U.S. customers. Stock comes and goes there, but the set is currently available. PlazaJapan has the set for $35.18, but you’ll pay quite a bit extra for shipping. If you only want one word instead of all six, you can get a random word from the set in a blind box from Blippo for $17.91 each.

There are six images, each of which is a toy that’s included in Re-Ment’s set of Kirby Wonder Room. One shows Kirby partying in a decorated room, Kirby watching a character cook food, Kirby eating a cake, Kirby taking a bath, Kirby relaxing on a chair, and Kirby sleeping in bed. Image: Re-Ment, Nintendo

There’s another great Kirby set available at Amazon that includes stackable dioramas of Kirby and other characters doing things in various rooms. There’s some cooking happening in one room, while other pieces feature Kirby and co. bathing, partying, eating, sleeping, or cooking. There isn’t currently a discount happening for this set (except for the fact that shipping is free and fast), but it’s still not a bad deal at $54.95.

There are six images shown, each representing toys that are included with the Pikmin Terrarium set from Re-Ment. One shows Captain Olimar plucking a Pikmin creature from the ground, one where Pikmin are working together to carry an orange, two where Pikmin are fighting enemy creatures, one where blue Pikmin are swimming as a red Pikmin looks at them, and lastly, one were three yellow Pikmin have joined hands to form a closed circuit that conducts electricity. Image: Re-Ment, Nintendo

Over on PlazaJapan’s site, Re-ment’s stunning Pikmin set of mini terrariums is another that I must own. The 6-piece set shows multiple scenarios you’ll commonly get into in a Pikmin play session. There’s one with Pikmin working together to carry an orange, one where Captain Olimar is plucking a red Pikmin from the ground, and one where Pikmin are taking on an enemy (with one Pikmin ghost rising up to Pikmin heaven, assuming such a place exists). There are three others I could describe, but you can see the full collection yourself above. It costs $42.22 to pre-order the full set (before tax and shipping), and it’s expected to ship on April 30.