Mega Blocks’ Xbox 360 replica is bricked out of the box, and it’s $50 off

Mega Blocks’ Xbox 360 replica is bricked out of the box, and it’s $50 off

Mega Block’s Xbox 360 replica set was difficult to find in stock when it first got our attention back in September. But not only is it currently available, it’s selling at $50 off. This 3:4 scale model of the Xbox 360 is an homage to Microsoft’s second gaming console, and it costs $99.99 at Target (was $149.99).

Once you put together its 1,342 bricks, the Mega Blocks replica will take the shape of the glorious Xbox 360 console, a controller, a tiny achievement trophy, and a replica box copy of Halo 3. The console and controller’s power buttons can light up, and many of the removable elements, like the hard drive and battery pack, can be removed. However, the coolest details are all underneath the hood.

A photo of the Mega Blocks Xbox 360 Controller Image: Sean Hollister / The Verge

Removing the side panel of the console reveals the inner workings of this replica Xbox 360, complete with a cutesy and not at all accurate layout of heat sinks, fans, and capacitors. You’ll also find a disc drive made for the included replica copy of Halo 3. Inserting the disc illuminates a tiny Cortana housed inside the console.

A photo of the internals of the replica Xbox 360 Image: Sean Hollister / The Verge

While this model isn’t quite as robust as the Lego versions of the original NES or Atari 2600, the fun details present in Mega Block’s replica Xbox 360 make it a worthy collector’s item for fans of Halo or retro gaming (yes, this is considered retro now).