MLB The Show update accidentally makes players look like bobbleheads

MLB The Show update accidentally makes players look like bobbleheads

Baseball season has officially begun: It’s opening day for Major League Baseball. MLB The Show 24, which was released on March 15, celebrated the milestone with an update that went live Thursday morning. It’s, uh, not going well. People on social media and in forums are reporting major issues that make the game unplayable — like frequent crashing and freezing. And then there’s the bugs that are just downright silly, like one particularly funny one that’s causing some players to have big heads and little bodies.

An MLB The Show representative posted from the game’s X (formerly Twitter) account on Thursday, noting that the developer is “aware of the current issues and working to get them resolved.”

A lot of the problems seem to be with the Diamond Dynasty feature, which is basically the baseball version of EA Sports FC’s Ultimate Team, where you collect players via cards to create a team. There are different modes within Diamond Dynasty, including ranked multiplayer and single-player mini seasons.

The game’s had its fair share of issues since release — particularly on the Nintendo Switch — but the latest update seems to have caused even more problems. For a lot of players, MLB The Show 24 looks a lot more like Backyard Baseball or Super Mega Baseball than anything else.

There’s a lot of people posting about their players having small bodies with oversized heads, but others say baseball players can be gigantic, too.

Another big problem is how faces are being generated. Take these screenshots of Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Winckowski, Boston Red Sox infielder Emmanuel Valdez, and Tampa Bay Rays third baseman James Mead as examples: Yikes!

The MLB The Show subreddit is filled with people experiencing similar issues. Sony hasn’t announced a timeline for the fix, but Polygon has reached out to the company for more information.

MLB The Show 24 was released on March 15 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Last year, MLB The Show 23 was heralded for its story mode centered on baseball’s Negro Leagues; this year, it’s got a new career mode dedicated to women in baseball: Road to Show: Women Pave Their Way.