Palworld players are building some impressive bases

Palworld players are building some impressive bases

Though my Pals and I just sleep in straw beds and eat berries, it’s not the only way to live in Palworld. Innovative players are using the game’s tools to build out impressive structures: everything from castles and island oases to taverns and strip clubs. Yes, you read that right.

Palworld’s building tools are so clunky, especially on PC, so I find it particularly impressive when anybody lives in anything larger than a square box of a house that’s large enough to only fit a bed — let alone a sprawling, hillside castle.

One of the more impressive builds I’ve seen is from Reddit user isiell, who built a castle on an isolated piece of land rife with coal and iron. In a video clip posted to Reddit, isiell flies around on a Pal to get a good look at the multi-story castle before heading inside to check out the Pal workshop, library, and Pal landing pad. I could never even dream of something so decadent.

Another Reddit user, Parking-Distance2153, made a tropical resort with a modern building perched right at a waterfall. Similarly, AlibeDC made use of a nearby waterfall to build a charming village that looks straight out of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

But my favorite Palworld base thus far is from Square_Intern_3380, who created a cottagecore village on a mountainside. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also functional: They said it’s raid-proof and near a coal and ore deposit. It’s got everything: a bar, a town square with a fountain, and merchants captured and forced to sell wares. Square_Intern_3380 said they have three bases on their server, and that this one is purely for fun — let’s call it a vacation home. The other two bases are where the breeding and production work happens.

Now for the weird ones. One Reddit user made Noah’s Ark for Pals, which actually features a practical design. And, yes, we’re at the strip club. I’m sure you can guess which Pal works there. If you don’t know, check #69 in your Paldeck — Lovander is “seeking a night of love” with humans, per its entry.

With enough effort, you can seemingly build out anything in Palworld. You’ve just got to be willing to put up with the building tools currently available; it feels near impossible for me to make something this lovely using a controller, but I imagine it’s much easier on PC.