Sounds like the Switch 2 has Joy-Cons that attach magnetically

Sounds like the Switch 2 has Joy-Cons that attach magnetically

A pair of recent reports have suggested that Nintendo’s successor to the Switch console — which we, along with everyone else, are calling Switch 2 for now — will have Joy-Con controllers that attach to the body of the device using strong, electronically-controlled magnets, rather than the sliding rail system used by the Switch.

The news was first broken by Vandal, a Spanish site with a fairly good track record on leaks. Oddly, it was then confirmed in a blog post by Mobapad, a third-party manufacturer of Switch peripherals and controllers. Vandal’s sources were also manufacturers of peripherals and accessories.

Mobapad’s surprisingly detailed report says the new Joy-Cons use “magnetic suction” to attach to the console, “through electromagnetic suction technology, controlled by electric current.” This sounds like electropermanent magnets, which have a strong magnetic field that can be switched on or off by a pulse of electric current. Presumably, the user would click a button to attach or detach the controllers.

Mobapad says the new Joy-Cons are larger and feature additional buttons: new buttons on the left and right sides (perhaps to control the magnets), plus a new function button below the Home button on the right Joy-Con. The SL and SR buttons (the buttons which serve as L and R when the Joy-Con is detached and being used as a solo controller) are now made from metal, apparently. Mobapad also confirmed that HD rumble is still enabled through ALPS dual-axis linear motors.

Mobapad says the console is fully backward-compatible, including with physical game cartridges for Switch as well as digital games. The existing Pro Controller and Joy-Cons are supported by the new machine — although, presumably, Switch 1 Joy-Cons can’t be attached to the console due to the new magnetic system.

Mobapad says the Switch 2’s dock will use the same USB-C connection as the existing dock, support 4K display resolution, and feature “minor changes” in appearance. Confusingly, the company also mentioned the new dock having a “damping bracket on the back, allowing for a greater range of adjustable angles,” which sounds like it might actually refer to the kickstand on the back of the console itself.

Mobapad also confirmed earlier reports that the Switch 2 will have a larger, 8-inch screen, supporting 1080p resolution.

Vandal supplied a wonderful detail about the secrecy surrounding demos of the Switch 2 hardware to peripheral manufacturers. Reportedly, Nintendo’s partners were invited to put their hands inside an “opaque box” so they could handle the machine and get a feel for its dimensions and ergonomics, without actually being able to see it. Yes, that’s right — they were subjected to the Gom Jabbar test.

Neither report made any mention of the dual, detachable screens seen in a recent Nintendo patent. Mobapad noted the console’s “conservative approach” — according to these and other sources, Nintendo is preparing to release a straightforward follow-up to the Switch with largely the same features as, and extensive compatibility with, the earlier machine.