The next Minecraft update adds trials chambers, due to arrive June 13

The next Minecraft update adds trials chambers, due to arrive June 13

The next Minecraft update is on the way, and it’s called Tricky Trials. Tricky Trials is set to launch on June 13 for both the Bedrock and Java versions of the game, and as you may have guessed from the name, it’s about creating new challenges for the player. There are also new decorations, a new mace weapon, and an auto-crafter powered by redstone.

As part of this update, players will be able to discover trial chambers, which are full of hostile mobs. There are two new creatures that can be encountered here. The first is the breeze, a fast-moving tornado that might just send you airborne. Then there’s the bogged, which are poisonous skeletons ridden with moss and mushrooms.

The challenge trials will be tricky, but the rewards are well worth it — and players can scale the difficulty up by exploring one with friends by their side. Every player gets to claim rewards from the chamber’s vault, and there will be plenty of cosmetics around to break down and bring home to decorate a base with.

If you want to turn the difficulty up even further, players can find and choose to chug an ominous bottle. Doing so applies a status effect called Bad Omen. This means that entering an overworld village will trigger an ominous raid, and entering a trial chamber with Bad Omen starts an ominous trial. These challenges have stronger enemies with enchanted weapons — and defeating them can also reward you with the items you need to build a new mace.

Making things easier on the homefront, Mojang has added an auto-crafter. Players can set up a contraption powered by redstone that automatically crafts items. There are also 20 new paintings, which will be perfect for those among us who just want to create a cozy home full of lovely art.

Don’t forget — there’s a Minecraft movie and Minecraft animated Netflix show in the works, so truly, our cups runneth over with all things Minecraft.