What are eggs for in Animal Well and how to unlock fast travel

What are eggs for in Animal Well and how to unlock fast travel

You’ll start finding eggs pretty early in Animal Well, but it’ll take a while before you figure out what they’re for — namely, they’re like keys for a specific room in Animal Well’s map, which allows you to access new areas.

Our Animal Well guide will explain how to use eggs and how they relate to fast travel.

How to use eggs in Animal Well

Animal Well finding the Clover Egg at the beginning of the game Image: Billy Basso/Bigmode via Polygon

You’ll find your first egg almost immediately in Animal Well. When you wake up, head to the left. There’s a hidden passage in the wall there that will lead you to your first egg — the Clover Egg — in a chest.

It’ll drop into your inventory off to the side where you can’t interact with it. It’ll take a bit of exploring before you can understand how they’re used.

Animal Well map showing the location of the egg room and several eggs Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin/Polygon | Sources: Billy Basso/Bigmode via Polygon

After you get past the first ghost enemy, you’ll find the map and then climb up to (what we’re calling) the egg room. This is where you’ll get the stamps for your map. We’re not going to walk you through finding the first handful of eggs, but they are marked on the map above — specifically, eight of them are. And that’s because…

How to use eggs in the egg room

Animal Well egg room Image: Billy Basso/Bigmode via Polygon

When you enter the egg room, you’ll see a peacock standing over a set of shelves with all the eggs you’ve found arranged on them. More importantly, off to the left, you’ll see a set of four doors. The bottom one has eight dots on it, the second one up has 16, the third one has 32, and the topmost one has 64.

Those dots correspond to the number of eggs you’ve found. Once you’ve found that number of eggs, the door will open automatically. The first door — that opens when you find eight eggs — leads to a way to unlock fast travel (more on this below), but we don’t know what the others lead to.

How to unlock fast travel in Animal Well

Animal Well animal flute location Image: Billy Basso/Bigmode via Polygon

Once you have eight eggs, head to the egg room and you’ll be able to go through the bottom-most door. A couple screens to the left, you’ll find a dreamy room with a few sleeping chinchillas.

Hop up the stairs on the left and use them to jump to the chest in the upper left. Inside, you’ll find the animal flute.

Play your new flute to wake up the chinchillas, and they’ll walk toward you (when you’re on the same vertical level as they are). Use your new chinchilla friends to climb up the stairs heading right. Alternately, you can just use the bubble wand if you have it.

Animal Well using the animal flute to open the crow’s beak Image: Billy Basso/Bigmode via Polygon

In the next room, you’ll find an altar-thing. When you stand in front of it, the eyes on the crow head to the left with light up. Keep standing there, and play the animal flute. The bird’s beak (mouth?) will open.

Hop up to it and go inside.

Animal Well fast travel hub Image: Billy Basso/Bigmode via Polygon

You’ll come to a new room with several animal heads and another altar. Jump down to the altar and play your flute again. This will open any of the animal heads you’ve found so far, making this room a fast travel hub of sorts.