What time does Apex Legends Season 20 Breakout release?

What time does Apex Legends Season 20 Breakout release?

Apex Legends Season 20, Breakout, celebrates the game’s fifth anniversary with new mechanics, venues, and a collection event. As always, a new season also brings a new battle pass, complete with tiers of cosmetics to unlock.

Here’s what time Apex Legends Season 20 releases in your time, and what to expect from the new season.

What time does Apex Legends Season 20 release?

Based on previous release times, Apex Legends’ Season 20 launches on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024, at the same time all around the world. Here’s when it’ll release in your time zone:

  • 10 a.m. PST for the west coast of North America
  • 1 p.m. EST for the east coast of North America
  • 6 p.m. GMT for the U.K.
  • 7 p.m. CET for Paris
  • 3 a.m. JST on Feb. 9 for Tokyo

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As with all online launches, be ready for the possibility of queue times and delays to impact the above launch times.

What’s new in Apex Legends Season 20?

Season 20 marks Apex Legends’ fifth birthday, and celebrates the occasion with new EVO mechanics, a new map, Performance Mode, and more.

Apex Legends Breakout Thunderdome map Image: Respawn / Electronic Arts
  • A new map, Thunderdome, is coming to Mixtape mode. Beyond Thunderdome, there aren’t any new maps.
  • Legend Upgrades will allow you to upgrade your Legend within a match (it resets each match) as you earn EVO — including EVO from the new EVO Harvesters and EVO Caches. These upgrades do things like improve your armor tier.
  • Speaking of armor, body shields aren’t a thing in Battle Royale any more. Instead, everyone has Legend Armor fueled by swappable Shield Cores each with their own HP.
  • Ranked play is being revamped into Ranked Reloaded: Scoring will emphasize eliminations over placement, the cap on eliminations that count toward your score is lifted (but you get half points for eliminations after the sixth), and you’ll get bonus RP for placing fifth or better multiple games in a row. Ranked matchmaking will be based more on RP.
Apex Legends Season 20 Breakout rewards Image: Respawn / Electronic Arts
  • You’ll be able to earn gifts and rewards for playing as unlocked Legends and completing challenges.
  • Performance Mode will let current-gen consoles target 120fps.
  • Clubs are being retired and replaced by three to four character tags.