Where to find the bookseller in Stardew Valley

Where to find the bookseller in Stardew Valley

New books and a shiny bookseller are part of the patch 1.6 content for Stardew Valley. While Stardew Valley previously featured “lost books” — blue books that added lore to Pelican Town’s library — these new books have a different purpose.

These books are part of the new “Special Items and Powers” inventory screen and provide little bonuses for various things. Below, we explain where to find the bookseller in Stardew Valley, how to find more books, and what they do.

Where’s the bookseller in Stardew Valley?

Twice a season on random days, a bookseller comes to the town via a hot air balloon. You can see these dates on the calendar outside of Pierre’s shop and the game will give you a little “The bookseller is in town today” notification on the side.

The bookseller is at the northeast of town, above Joja Mart:

The bookseller as seen in Stardew Valley during spring Image: ConcernedApe via Polygon

Once there, you can buy a plethora of books at various prices. Some may be as cheap as 3,000 gold, but others will be as expensive as 25,000 gold.

Where else can I find books in Stardew Valley?

You can get books as rewards for many things. We’ve found books from chopping trees and from fishing treasure chests. The Stardew Valley Wiki points out there are books you get as rewards for doing the raccoon quests, books you can buy from specialty NPCs (like Marnie and the Dwarf), and books that drop from monsters.

As you play, you’ll find these books around naturally, though some of them have to be purchased from the bookseller.