Where to get portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and the best locations to place them

Where to get portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and the best locations to place them

Portcrystals are one of the rarest and most potent items in Dragon’s Dogma 2. They act as anchors that you can fast travel to — as long as you have a ferrystone, that is.

But how come every town doesn’t have a portcrystal? How can you get more portcrystals? And once you do find more, where should you put them?

In this Dragon’s Dogma 2 guide, we’ll show you a list of portcrystals, tell you where to get more portcrystals, and offer our suggestion on the best locations to place portcrystals.

Permanent portcrystal locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

If you’re sticking to the main story, the first portcrystal you find will likely be the one in Vernworth.

Naturally, you might assume it’s a fast travel point, and there are plenty more in the game. Nope. The Vernworth portcrystal is one of only two stationary crystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The other is in Harve Village, a bit west of Vernworth.

As of this writing, every other portcrystal in the game we’ve found is a mobile one that you can pick up and move at will.

How to get more portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Portcrystals come from a variety of different sources, and you can get a total of six during your first playthrough, not counting microtransactions.

You can find one portcrystal by riding a Vermund griffin to its nest, which you can do by just jumping on its back and attacking it until it tries to run home. When it brings you to its nest — or if you find the nest in the southern part of the Misty Marshes (seen on the map above) — you’ll find a portcrystal just lying inside.

In Battahl, during the main quest, you’ll come across the Dragonforged smith in the Bay Wayward Shrine. Here, you can trade Wyrmslife Crystals with him in exchange for powerful upgrades to your weapons and armor. For 20 of your Wyrmslife Crystals, he’ll sell you a single portcrystal.

Additionally, there are four portcrystals that you can get from quests in the game.

There are three (four if you’re clever) quests that give you a portcrystal when you complete them:

  • “Feast of Deception”
  • “A Trial of Archery”
  • “A Game of Wits”

You’ll get your first portcrystal from Captain Brant after completing the “Feast of Deceptionquest.

For your second portcrystal, you can find an elf named Glyndwr in the city square of Vernworth. He’ll give you the “Gift of the Bow” quest, which will eventually lead to the “A Trial of Archery” quest. Follow his questline and you’ll get a portcrystal as a reward.

The third and fourth portable portcrystal can both come from the Sphinx who gives you riddles throughout “A Game of Wits.”

First, the Riddle of Madness asks you to place your most beloved friend in front of the Sphinx. Grab your main pawn, toss them up to the platform, and the Sphinx will hand over her one and only portcrystal.

However, during the Riddle of Conviction, the Sphinx will ask you to give her your most precious item in the world. She’ll act like she’s going to take it from you, but will instead give it back to you and give you a fully functional duplicate. If you hand her the portcrystal you just received from the Riddle of Madness, you’ll walk away two portcrystals richer.

Best portcrystal locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The major towns in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are very spread out. And we all know how rough fast travel via oxcart is. Ferrystones cannot fail, so if you want to travel reliably, you’ll need to have a portstone in each of the game’s major locations.

Here are our suggestions of the best locations to place your portcrystals, which you can see reflected in the map above:

  • The Sphinx’s current lair
  • Checkpoint Rest Town
  • Bakbattahl
  • Volcanic Island Camp
  • Sacred Arbor
  • Melve
  • The Dragonforged smith
  • The Battahl Ropeway Central Station

One last note: For reasons we won’t go into here, you’ll want to have your portcrystals spread out as much as possible before you kill the final boss and enter the endgame. So consider moving some of your portcrystals to the corners of the map before completing the game’s final quest.

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