Where to unlock all custom deliveries in FFXIV

Where to unlock all custom deliveries in FFXIV

If you’re looking to level up your crafters and gatherers in Final Fantasy 14, completing weekly custom deliveries to eager clients is a great way to amass both EXP and scrips (the crafting/gathering currency).

Below, we explain how custom deliveries work in FFXIV and how to unlock them all.

Custom deliveries in FFXIV, explained

Custom deliveries are weekly quests you can complete to earn lots of crafting and gathering EXP and scrips. You’ll also gain satisfaction for each character you do deliveries for and their satisfaction levels will rise, teaching you more about the character. You can only complete a total of 12 custom deliveries per week and six per specific NPC. Deliveries reset every Tuesday morning.

Every week the clients will ask for a list of items that you can either craft or gather. You can check what items they want without even talking to them via opening the “duty” menu, selecting “timers,” and then selecting “custom deliveries.” (It’ll only show you the clients if you have them unlocked, though.)

The custom delivery menu in-game, showing what Ameliance wants this week in FFXIV Image: Square Enix via Polygon

You can buy all the materials needed for crafting from nearby merchants. For example, Zhloe and Adkiragh’s materials are bought from the Scrap Salvager in Idyllshire and Kurenai’s materials can be purchased from the Blue Merchant across from her in Tamamizu.

For gathering, you can check where the gathering nodes are by opening the custom delivery menu for that client, selecting the fish or gatherable, and selecting “display location” or “search for item by gathering method” respectively.

The higher collectability your crafted or gathered turn-in has, the more EXP and scrips you’ll get in return. Scrips can be used to purchase important crafting materials, materia, décor, and other useful loot from Scrip Exchange NPCs. Notably, you can use scrips to get some of the materials you need for your Heavensward Anima relic weapon.

Also, once you max out the client’s satisfaction, you can glamour them, dressing them up in whatever outfit you want. You can do this for all the clients except M’naago and Ehll Tou.

Rewards from custom deliveries

While EXP and scrips is a bountiful enough reward, some of the custom deliveries give out special rewards that are worth grabbing:

To get the above rewards, you’ll need to reach max satisfaction with these clients and complete a quest (given by the client) after doing so.

You’ll also get two titles from each client after reaching max satisfaction with them and after delivering 150 collectables to them.

Where to unlock all custom deliveries in FFXIV

Before you unlock custom deliveries, you need to unlock collectables, if you haven’t already. You can do this by completing the quest “Inscrutable Tastes” from Morgayne in the Foundation (Ishgard). You will also need to be at least level 50 in a crafting or gathering job to unlock collectables, but the first custom delivery client is available starting at level 55.

You will also have to complete these short conversation quests to unlock scrip exchanges and vendors for each expansion:

  • Heavensward: “Go West, Craftsman” from Lydirlona in Mor Dhona
  • Stormblood: “Reach Long and Prosper” from Galiena in Rhalgr’s Reach
  • Shadowbringers: “The Boutique Always Wins” from Mowen in Eulmore
  • Endwalker: “Expanding House of Splendors” from Ofpilona in Radz-at-Han

Two of the clients require you to unlock The Firmament, the hub for Ishgard Restoration. You can do this by completing the quest “Towards the Firmament” via the Recruitment Notice flyer near the Ishgard Aetheryte. You’ll need to complete most of this questline to unlock Ehll Tou and you’ll actually need all of it to unlock Charlemend, so you might as well do it all (unless you hate Charlemend for some reason).

a blue quest marker on a “Recruitment Notice” NPC flyer on a wall in FFXIV Image: Square Enix via Polygon

As usual, these quests (and the ones to unlock the actual deliveries) are marked with a blue quest marker with a plus sign, so you should be able to find it just by opening your map and seeking out that icon.

Below, you can see where to unlock all of the custom deliveries in FFXIV.

FFXIV custom delivery quests and requirements

NPC name NPC location Level Unlock quest Quest NPC Quest location Other requirements
NPC name NPC location Level Unlock quest Quest NPC Quest location Other requirements
Zhloe Aliapoh Idyllshire 55 Arms Wide Open Geimlona Idyllshire (5.7, 6.9) Requires Heavensward expansion
M’naago Rhalgr’s Reach 60 None Forgotten, None Forsaken Galiena Rhalgr’s Reach (9.8, 12.5) Requires Stormblood expansion, “Return of the Bull” MSQ completed
Kurenai The Ruby Sea 62 The Seaweed is Always Greener Kojin Hireling Kugane (10.1, 9.9) Requires Stormblood expansion, M’naago’s deliveries unlocked, side quest line for “The Palace of Lost Souls” completed
Adkiragh Idyllshire 66 Between a Rock and the Hard Place Geimlona Idyllshire (5.7, 6.9) Requires Stormblood expansion, Zhloe’s deliveries unlocked, “Stormblood” MSQ completed, “Purbol Rain” side quest completed
Kai-Shirr Eulmore 70 Oh, Beehive Yourself Kai-Shirr Eulmore (11.7, 11.7) Requires Shadowbringers expansion, “Moving Forward” MSQ completed
Ehll Tou The Firmament 70 O Crafter, My Crafter Ehll Tou The Firmament (13.5, 11.2) Requires Stormblood expansion, The Firmament unlocked via “Towards the Firmament” side quest, side quest line for Ishgard Restoration completed up until at least Ehll Tou appears, Ehll Tou side quest “If Songs had Wings” completed
Charlemend The Firmament 70 You Can Count on It Francel The Firmament (11, 14.5) Requires Stormblood expansion, side quest line for Ishgard Restoration completed, Charlemend side quest “The Brume Lifts” completed
Ameliance Old Sharlayan 80 Of Mothers and Merchants Well-dressed Attendant Old Sharlayan (12.6, 9.7) Requires Endwalker expansion, “Endwalker” MSQ completed
Anden Il Mheg 80 That’s So Anden Supplicant Sheep The Crystarium (9.3, 11.3) Requires Endwalker expansion, “Endwalker” MSQ completed
Margrat Labryinthos 80 A Request of One’s Own Theopauldin Old Sharlayan (13.8, 15) Requires Endwalker expansion, “Going Haam” MSQ completed

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