Wuthering Waves codes and how to redeem them

Wuthering Waves codes and how to redeem them

The ability to redeem codes in Wuthering Waves follows a trend set by other open-world gacha games from recent years.

Using redemption codes is an easy way to get free items, including healing items, shell credits, and premium currency astrite.

As with other gacha games, it’s likely many of these codes will expire after a certain amount of time, so it’s best to redeem sooner than later to ensure you don’t miss out.

What follows is a list of active Wuthering Waves codes, and the rewards you get for redeeming them.

Wuthering Waves codes for June 2024

The current active list of Wuthering Waves redemption codes are as follows, added in reverse chronological order:

  • WUTHERINGGIFT (50 astrite, 2x premium resonance potion, 2x medium revival inhaler, 2x medium energy bag, 10,000 shell credits) — added May 23

Note that for those playing on PC through the Epic Games Store, there is technically another code available via the Echo Starter Pack, which is a one-time free add-on that, once downloaded, is redeemed through the same code redemption system. This grants 1x incomplete echo, 1x premium tuner 10, and 5x advanced seal tube.

How to redeem codes in Wuthering Waves

To redeem codes in Wuthering Waves, you have to open the Redemption Code screen in the settings menu.

This requires some playtime to unlock — specifically, reaching Union Level 2, or around when you start the “Utterance of Marvels II” mission in Chapter 1, Act 1.

To find the Redemption Code menu, first open settings — on mobile, start by accessing the Terminal with the icon in the top right corner, then settings using the cog icon on the bottom right — then go to the Other Settings submenu toward the bottom of the list, then select “Redemption Code.”

The Redemption Code screen in Wuthering Waves Image: Kuro Games via Polygon

Once you have successfully entered a code, the rewards will then appear in your in-game inbox. You can find your inbox by pressing the mail icon at the bottom of the Terminal screen.

Accepting redemption code rewards in Wuthering Waves The Redemption Code screen in Wuthering Waves

Finally, know there is no code redeem website, which means to use any codes which become available, you need to boot up the game first.