Your Switch just left Twitter too

Your Switch just left Twitter too

It seems as though Nintendo, like everyone else, is finally fed up with toxicity, engagement farming, NSFW replies, and the utter randomness of the For You feed. The latest Nintendo Switch firmware update has removed all integration with X (formerly Twitter), Elon Musk’s social network.

As of June 10, you can no longer post screenshots to X from your Switch, or link your X and Nintendo Accounts. Nintendo also removed the ability send friend requests to friends and followers on all social media platforms. Just to prove it’s nothing personal against Elon, Nintendo hinted that image-sharing via Facebook may be removed “at a later date,” too.

If you want to share images from your Switch’s photo album on X, you now have to transfer them to another device first — either via USB connection to a PC, or wirelessly (using Nintendo’s quite clever QR code system) to a smart device.

Nintendo is actually the last platform holder to turn its back on X integration; Microsoft and Sony disabled the feature on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, respectively, last year. It’s likely that the console makers have left X due to the exorbitant API fees imposed by Musk, which can result in companies paying over $40,000 per month for little-used features.

At time of writing, Nintendo had yet to post links to its Bluesky and Mastodon accounts on its profile page.