Zenless Zone Zero codes for July 2024

Zenless Zone Zero codes for July 2024

Zenless Zone Zero is one of Hoyoverse’s gacha RPGs for mobile, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC, which means that, yes, the game has codes that you can redeem for premium currency.

In this case, Zenless Zone Zero codes reward Polychrome and the usual other goodies — money, EXP, and the like.

Below we list out the currently active Zenless Zone Zero redemption codes as of July 2024 and explain how to redeem codes.

Zenless Zone Zero codes for July 2024

The active Zenless Zone Zero reward codes as of writing this are as follows, in order from newest to oldest:

  • ZZZFREE100 (300 Polychrome, 30,000 Denny, 2 Senior Investigator Logs, 3 W-engine Energy Modules — added July 3)
  • ZENLESSLAUNCH (60 Polychrome, 6666 Denny — added July 3)
  • ZENLESSGIFT (50 Polychrome, 2 Official Investigator Log, 3 W-Engine Power Supplies, 1 Bangboo Algorithm Module — added July 3)

The “ZZZFREE100” code will expire on July 11 at 11:59 a.m. EDT, so use it before then.

As of writing this, there’s no way to do the fancy link that autofills the code in the redemption site when you click it, so you’ll have to copy and paste it manually.

How to redeem codes in Zenless Zone Zero

You can redeem the codes in game by opening the menu, selecting “more,” “redemption code” and then “enter redemption code.” This menu will become available once you finish “The Hare and the Proxy,” though some codes won’t be redeemable until you’re Inter-Knot level five or higher.

A menu screen in Zenless Zone Zero showing the code redemption offer. Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

As of writing, there’s no website to redeem codes (the way there is for Genshin Impact and the other Hoyoverse titles), so you have to redeem them in-game.